Favourite Past-time /


#1. Travel

If I got the money and time to, of course I love a getaway. Anywhere. Places I haven’t been before. Explore. Meet people from different countries and culture.

#2. Eat

I love to eat. Nothing to do? Eat. You will always find a snack in my bag. Be it sweets… chocolates… nuts. Usually almonds and raisins and cranberries. My favouriteeee!

#3. Read a book

Well, I used to borrow books from the library but now that e-books are so popular, my ipad is my new book! I love reading and getting lost in the world of fantasy. When I finish my book, then I actually feel lost in my own world of reality! (True story, haha!)

#4. Cafe hunt

 Singapore is so small and boring. There aren’t much entertainment or attractions that I haven’t been on or seen before. But however, shops are always changing and people have been setting up really cool cafes. Well, cafe satisfy the explorer in me + my happy tummy. I have got so many nice quiet cafes on my list that I’d love to visit. Shall share with you guys one day!

#5. Stay home and watch movies

I’m quite a stay-home girl as I grow throughout the years. Going out has been tiring for me sometimes. I like to snuggling in bed or on the couch, watching movies on starworld or my laptop. Alone or with some company.

#6. Gaming

HAHAHA Yes, I do like boy games and I’m quite a gamer. I get addicted to computer games pretty easily since young so I guess it is in me forever. Have been crazily playing 5 hours of LAN weekly overnight with my group of friends. It’s our usual friday activity after 11pm. I am VERY tempted to buy diablo3…. But my boyfriend thinks it’s a bad idea. Yup. I play more games than him!

#7. Write

I love to write. I would say it’s an enjoyment… I get to ‘say’ the most things, unlimited word count and nobody can object unless they comment but it’s not immediate! It’s a passion I have for writing, which leads to the list of my dream job. Anything with words, no numbers!

#8. Car rides

I love car rides! That is actually the only time I feel so relaxed and I sleep easily. Well, it would be the time I sleep the most actually. Who doesn’t like car rides? It really depends on how good the driver is.

#9. DIY anything

I like to read on how to DIY stuff. I learnt how to sew from sewing classes and made pillows for wilson and myself and some of my friends. I made a bag too! Hehehe and a pencil case.. Handphone cover…. It’s really fun being Einstein for awhile. My next DIY item would be bracelet and a paper light!

#10. Exercise

Yeap, I tend to be a lazy bum but I do have my fat depressing days! That’s when I tell myself I must go to the gym… Or sometimes when I’m lazy t leave the house, I stay home and work out instead. Punching bags, carry weights or just do statics! Anything to feel better about myself (:

#11. Have my own girly time (alone or with friends)

Meeting up and catching up with my girlfriends are the best times ever! Never fail to have something to laugh about. Over lunch or coffee, whichever it is, definitely always happy times! Oh, and I also like to have alone-time with myself. To just chill out on the couch or on the laptop. With no ‘me’ time, I tend to feel something missing in my life.

These are my favourite things to do in my free time, or rather, the first that came into my mind. I would add spending time with Cody but nah, that shouldn’t be a past-time. It’s family time! So yeap. Make it count! Reflecting actually can make one feel better sometimes.

Today is a lazy day. Class was cancelled so I decided to be a bed slug. Time to get ready, gonna fulfil #11 now. Hehehe. Meeting mab for a movie and some food/shopping therapy!




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