Just wondering, how many of you like theatre shows or musicals?

Besides watching movies, I enjoy musicals and theatre shows, whether it’s an ensemble or symphony or a funny play. I used to attend many of such at esplanade during my secondary 4 days – I was taking Music O’Level and I had to attend such events for learning purposes and experience for performing in a crowd. (Yes, I’ve performed piano pieces in public at Millenia walk before… Don’t remind me! It was so scary)

As we grow older, I guess it comes down to 2 factors: Time and Money. Haha. Busy adults we are! And I won’t be asking money from my parents just to watch movies or a musical…. Right?!!?! So, I have been wanting to catch up with my old interest and it would be my first time watching a musical with Sailorboy.

Sadly, we missed the last show for “Happily ever laughter” though. Please tell me how it was, I really wished I could watch it! Then, there was VOYAGE DE LA VIE, a theatrical rock circus by Resorts World Sentosa. It was highly rated and the show won so many awards in 2011! It has been showing for quite some time and it is finally coming to an end. I wanted to get tickets for a Fridate surprise and it was funny that Wilson was planning to surprise me with tickets too! Thank God I managed to dig it out from him, if not we would have 2 extra tickets :X

So last friday, W got back from his week of sailing and we went to watch the musical. I didn’t really know what to expect cos’ we heard of good and bad reviews. I bought the category 2 tickets, closest to VIP seating!

Well, TIP #1 for watching a musical – you need a very good seat to enjoy your show. When we got there, almost all the good seats were taken and it’s only 5pm when the show is at 8pm!!

So TIP #2 for buying your musical tickets – BE FAST. THINK like a Singaporean. Play the Kiasu game.

TIP #3 for choosing a musical seat – Pick the middle section!! No matter how much you pay for a ticket and if you think sitting nearest to the stage is better, please don’t! You are wrong. It is pretty hard to watch the show comfortably if you sit too near the stage. The only advantage of sitting in front is to see the cast close-up! The middle section have the BEST view. You get to see everything at the right angle – That is why VIP section is only in the middle!

(Sorry poor quality cos’ I forgot to bring my camera!)

We were getting really excited for the show but we didn’t really know what the musical was gonna be about. Here’s a summary about the story!

“Voyage de la Vie” means “journey of life”

It’s a story of a boy’s metaphoric journey, or a rite of passage before he becomes an adult.

Enter the world of the mysterious Lantern Keeper, the charming Crystal Cat and the mesmerizing Diva along with extraordinary inhabitants. Explore the journey of the boy on an adventurous search to discover his destiny.

A circus theatre spectacular, the story is told through song and dance, combining with the energy, physicality and athleticism of circus arts, resulting in a contemporary cutting edge performance art form which fully engages the senses and keeps audiences on the edge of their seats. The first circus theatre spectacular ever to be created in
Singapore, it presents an international cast of circus stars brought together from 16 countries.

Indeed, it was an unforgettable experience for us. Their costumes were glamorous and they had amazing circus stuns with magnificent sets. Their skills were top-notch and there was no room for mistakes at all!

It’s my first time in the Grand Festive Theatre in RWS and it’s really a pretty cozy big theatre (: Something like the ones in Victoria Theatre where you watch your ensembles.

Very grand, huh? I wonder what is the symbolic meaning behind having two big golden dragon hugging the frames of the stage… Fengsui?

Alexey Goloborodko, from Russia. He is so amazingly flexible! He’s the Game Master in the show and his body is like a rubberband! Alexey is a dancing contortionist and he has been training since he was 5. He was one of the finalist in Russia’s TV show “Minute of Glory”.

Looks like this show is filled with really talented people with great substance!

I’m so inspired to learn gymnastic!!!

I saw Johnathan leong on the posters for this show but I didn’t see him in the show at all… Weird.The acrobats were A-wesome!!! Yes, they are similar to the china dolls you see bending and stretching like rubber bands along Orchard Road, but this is 10x better!

One of my favourite part of the show

This part of the show really got me on the edge of my seat.
What’s on his head, is an apple. And he is standing in the middle of a circle which has a bow and arrow secured at every 2m of the circle. The girl will shoot on of the arrow which hits another target to activate another bow & arrow and that arrow will hit another bow & arrow and so forth, until the last (I think) 10th bow & arrow was shot, and that last arrow will hit the apple on his head. It was really thrilling… They even had glass panels which was set up before this stun to protect the audience JUST IN CASE any of the arrow decides to go haywire and shoot away from target – I think the glass protector was the one which actually made me scared. Haha. Accidents DO happen!

So flexible!
The guy who could lighten the crowd.

Another highlight of the show and my favourite part

Her name is Lina Aunola. She did a crazy jump from the swing she was vigourously swinging up and down, which got my heart beating so fast! She is another talented figure whoplays Life from Scene 9 – The Circle of Life and Death.

 This girl really bring the show up to the next level with her swings and rope catching.
Voyage De La Vie

This was the ending play. Having all the performers take a bow and that big structure behind, they had rollerblades going up and down the slopes like how boys do on skateboard! *INSPIRED*

Did I mention I tried doing stuns and going up the slopes with my rollerblades before? Yeap. They have skate park at East Coast Park and I tried it but after the 3rd time, I fell straight on my butt. A VERY VERY painful loud BLAMMMM.

Overall, the money was well-spent. The show was spectacular! Never expected it to be so good.

Just an interesting fact I came across on RWS’s blog..

This two hot acrobats, Oleg and Artem, 21 and 23 years old, chose to join the cast of Voyage De La Vie instead of competing in the finals on Ukraine’s Got Talent!

Cool huh?

They’ve been performing as a duo for ONLY a year but known each other since they were six. They were born and bred in Ukraine, trained under the same gymnastic coach and moved in similar social circles and joined various circus troupes for performances abroad.

This is some REAL stun!

Apparently, they did have serious injuries like broken wrist and dislocated shoulders so I guess being a gymnast has it’s own danger. Which sport doesn’t have danger? Most prolly, sewing and gardening.

That sums up my experience at Voyage De La Vie! Too bad, the show’s already ended. I wonder what’s the next upcoming new show…

I’m never gonna forget this awesome musical on our Friday Date night.

♥ xx

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