I’ve got something for all the pretty girls who needs some perfection in your wardrobe!

I came across PERFASHIONIST and they have surprised me an awesome range of clothes!

Love flowers and pastel colours?

They have an awesome range of clothes for the chic-girly look, floral and pastel designs for an everyday look! You will have many eyes on you while you walk the streets (;

This is my personal favourite!! 😀 Love the Tiffany & co teal colour, perfect for tea party or a classy dinner. I must get one!

Feeling the summer in our sunny Singapore?

They have another range of summer clothes for you to embrace the season while you walk along Orchard Road! (Honestly, we definitely need summer clothes when we are living in a country with ONE season aka Summer)

Personally, I really like the pretty floral dresses and polka dot skirts. It’s definitely in the season! It matches with a nice laid-back sandals for a picnic date or if not, a pair of nice heels for a dressy event! I like how clothes can compliment different activities and different look in just a piece of outfit (:

This polka dot skirt is something I needed for a long time! Favourite piece in this collection (:

Working and too busy for shopping?

For all the career women, they have a special range for you. Miss Executive is definitely gonna make you the fashionist in your workplace! It’s just a click away and there is no need for a trip down to the shop. There is no room for mistakes with such outfits for work. Looking sophisticated, professional, feminine and powerful – Perfect for work!

One of my favourite look I’d want to have when I go to work!

Don’t have the time to dress up? 

Not forgetting the simple beauties, they do have Back to Basics for the minimalists. Going back to basics isn’t about dressing lesser and looking plain and dull… PERFASHIONIST will show you how you can shine in your day-to-day outfits. Just leave your plain white tees and black boring shorts at home and let PERFASHIONIST show you how you can spice up your wardrobe!

I do many blog-shopping and I have a good long list of blog shops but PERFASHIONIST caught my eye. They have reasonable prices and their clothes are of great quality and good fitting! (No loose sides or spoilt zip in your mailer)

They also have FREE SHIPPING! I hate paying my shipping because it’s like +add ons and the price I see on my favourite dress isn’t what I’m actually gonna pay. But I love it whenever I see FREE SHIPPING. Hehe best service a blogshop can offer right? (:

And what’s EVEN better now…

UP TO 50% SALE!!! 

They have 50% SALE till NEXT TUESDAY and what’s more, they have new range of clothes every Tuesday! 😀 I don’t have to wait for new clothes every month cos’ I can shop weekly now. It’s not only working clothes or basics, but they have like everything. This is girl’s heaven.

Better not be too late for the SALE! The last I’ve checked, there are a lot that are running on the last piece… So hurry get your mouse clicking to PERFASHIONIST!


Also, they have a contest and you might just be the lucky winner!

Simply going to PERFASHIONIST’s facebook page and click, “like” and “share” and comment “I love” in PERFASHIONIST’s facebook page and you can win a mystery bag WORTH $50! Good deal (; You spend less than 5 minutes doing all that, no money wasted and you might be walking away with awesome goodies inside your bag!

Take note of the deadline, 22 July 8pm. So hurry your mouse (or borrow your boyfriend’s d3 mouse if yours is spoilt) and start shopping!


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