L o v e

Hello there! It’s been a busy aching two weeks for me and I haven’t really been taking photos recently; Not very sure if it’s because I feel fat & ugly lately, or I’m just busy. I do have some photos in my Nikon camera which I’ve yet to upload. Procrastination at Best! :/ But yes, you might be able to guess it right – I’m back in Touch Rugby! After a good 2 years of break from intense competitions and tournaments, I’ve gladly decided to return to SIM for touch trainings. After my first training, it was a week of insane body aches!! My lazy bum deserves that beating..

The photo above was from last Thursday, when we played against Hong Kong Mixed Team! After our game, we went over to say hi and socialize abit. They are all PE teachers from Hong Kong and randomly came together to form a team. Some of them are married and brought their kids along too! So cute, I love how their complexion and hair colour – Rosy cheeks and natural brown hair. We didn’t have much game time on Thursday because there were so many teams down to play against them. I guess that was good enough workout and warm-up for me when I slowly start to feel the ache on my lower back which really worries me and I’m phobic to that pain – The back pain which got me out of touch rugby for 2 years. I will never forget how I can never sit down for a proper 15 minutes without complaining about the excruciating pain on my lower back.

So, hectic week for me includes touch trainings every Monday and Thursday, which I have an early morning class at 830am the following day after training.. And school has been busy too, or rather, GONNA be busy. Sigh. My school resolution failed again. Need to smack myself.

Other than all these, there have been other things that has made a big progress in my life hehe. My future is in good hands (I think!) Just gotta work harder when I find a job and I might just be able to live a perfect typical adult life in the future.

Pinned Image

On a random note, this is something I found on Pinterest. This is what I need now, next time, yesterday – A walk-in Closet. I’ve been having problems keeping my clothes in my wardrobe lately. Even in W’s wardrobe, it’s a mess. He has the same amount of clothes as me which he doesn’t really wear them often. And no matter how many times I promised not to shop, it is impossible to not find something you need/like! It seems like we girls always need something, don’t we?

Ending off with a song I like from Jason Mraz….


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