My brother is only 17?!

Some outdated photos from my brother’s birthday in June.

My two wonderful handsome brothers (:

Cody looks as if he is the birthday boy while he looks hopefully at someone for a big nice juicy present (aka treat!) Haha. Had a simple birthday celebration for my brother. He is indeed a simple boy.

Awww….. Puppy…

My brother and Chelsea… and Cody, the greedy pig.

Do we look alike?

W and W. Both W(s)!

Cody is playing the birthday boy role really well!


Cody: “Y’all cut cake, never call me! BO JIO!” Hahaha

17 already….. But still playing like a 5 years old. Haha! (KIDDING)

We had a simple dinner with my family at Elias Mall. My brother’s favourite seafood zi-char place and yea, he is a simple person cos’ he didn’t ask for MBS dinner or any other expensive dinner. That’s one good point about him!

Mommy looks happy here!

The Salted Egg crab is a MUST-TRY!

Thumps up for their crab beehoon too!

And a traditional for birthdays… Cake! 😀

So the more happening part to my brother’s birthday is when he went to celebrate with his friends at Planet Paradise, a thai club at Clarke Quay. He kept pestering me to go over for his birthday, don’t know why it meant a lot but okay. I went over and …. he was drunk! Haha my first time seeing him drunk and he was a DISASTER DRUNKARD!!!

He broke a table at the club and could hardly even walk himself. Had to pay for the table (only $50…) and he kept vomitting. Haha I dragged my friends over with me since we were at helipad before that. And ok, before I sent him home, I have photos to tease him the next day (;

Haha! Made him tie the plastic bag to his ears :p

That’s my brother for you! 17th Birthday (: Still love him and remember his cute chubby face when he was younger. Now I have second thoughts of bringing him to the club for his 18th birthday…. :X he is not a peaceful drunkard!!!



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