It’s Friday, everyone! TGIF! Time to let your hair loose cos’ the weekends are here! 😀

I feel especially happy today and I don’t know why. I’m usually grumpy on Friday cos’ I have to wake up early for morning class and I have work after that but today, I feel refreshed. I really believe it’s from my sleep last night – I slept at 10.30pm and woke up at 7am without feeling grumpy or angsty. (secrettt for waking up happy)

Oh and if you have pop by to J e ll yb ee nie before… You’d have noticed I’ve changed the template for the page! I really like the balloons that has the effects of floating up when I scroll down. Do you guys like this template better than the previous one? Please gimme comments kayyy! I might change it back to a white minimalistic template next time when I feel white again. It’s good to have changes sometimes! (:

So, WHUT UP everyone? Don’t tell me Olympics cos’ I am usually updated with such global event but just not this time round. A big disappointment that the representative of Singapore isn’t even Singaporean. And what’s worst is when we aren’t the only country facing foreign talents representing our country….

Australia… France… Netherlands… Poland… Canada… Even BRAZIL?!?!

Seriously, I mean what so interesting about Olympics when it’s just China-tizen fighting for the medal among themselves? We used to look forward to watching such events and see how will other country athletics fare, but no, now it’s just like watching China Olympics. No offense – I’m just not interested. (Unless it’s watching the Australia’s swim team hehe)

Mmmm…. Real thing.

So nothing about Olympics from me. I shall share with you my food adventures! :B Last Saturday, W and I went to roam around Punggol area to check out some place and we headed to Bugis to meet Taufiq for BATMAN! He went for Hair for Hope 2012 and we weren’t used to his bald head, even he wasn’t! He complained that his head was so cold throughout the 3 hours movie.

Christian Bale is hot. Loves how the role of Batman gives him an additional mystery to his look.

And lastly in Dark Knight Rises, you cannot forget the gorgeous…

Anne Hathaway! She’s crazily hot in this movie. My goodness, I’d wanna be Catwoman too (if only I had that charm)

Overall, I quite like the movie, despite the long duration. I’m not good with long movies which involves lots of talking cos’ in the middle of the movie, I was dozing off 😡 I have low concentration span and usually 30mins of intense focus would put me to sleep in the next minute!

After the movie, we had Thai Express for dinner because Taufiq was so hungry and it was 1 hour after his break-fast time.


My first time trying Sukiyaki and it was mamamia-delicious! 😀 Yummy. Thai Express may be abit pricy for Thai food but afterall, it’s a restaurant and you should expect that kind of pricing. But you must try their Sukiyaki (soup)!

After dinner, we went for another movie but this time, an Old movie.


The boys were so hyped up to watch TAKEN again after watching TAKEN2’s trailer in the cinema. It was my first time watching and I think it was even better than Batman. Haha! Please don’t kill me for saying that, Batmanitics! TAKEN is really good, not much talking which is good for a lazy person like me who doesn’t like to think. I can’t wait for the release of TAKEN2 in Oct!

The following day, Sunday, I met my good friend M, for church service at New Creation @ MBS and we went for Thai food after which was near her school.

Her oh-so-happy face – cos’ she’s having lunch with me (;

Yeap, we had thai food at Aroy-Dee, Sunshine Plaza. It was okay. Didn’t eat much cos’ we were pretty full from our breakfast, but we both had tummy ache after lunch…. IDK WHY.

Last Tuesday, had an impromptu meet up with T.Toh. Haha. We had ice cream!

Cold Stone

My first time there and T was telling me how they will sing song and throw the ice cream so you can catch it with your waffle bowl – But they didn’t ask us ): Anyhow, the ice cream was yummy! Love my combi – Strawberry Banana.

Terence, with his ice cream. He went for Hair for Hope too! And he keep saying he’s more handsome than his brother…. AND he is like the Rock, Dwayne Johnson *continues to flex his muscles* -.- Sigh… Friends like this.

And LAST food adventure, which happen to be THAI food again.

Spending the weekends together again.

The ever-so-popular Korat Thai Cafe at Orchard Towers.

I’ve been here a few times thanks to my girlfriends. And this is Wilson’s first time last Tuesday.

THIS EGG OMELETTE WORTH DYING FOR *drools* It’s so good, the tastiest ever! And you have to order their milk tea, it’s so good! If you want spicier Tom yam soup, I would recommend Nahkon instead cos’ W is a chilli-guru and he prefers Nahkon’s tom yam soup as it’s spicier. But overall, they are both good thai food places (: I just realized I have been eating alot of Thai food lately…

Okay, enough said. That’s all for my ‘WHUT UP’! Hope it’s not too boring for you. More to come (esp food adventures cos I never stop nom nom nom)

Don’t forget to visit D.H. Sunglass to see what new sunglasses we have in store!

Have a good weekend everyone! Next week will be a good short work-week so be xxcited!



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