Rumour has it~

A surprisingly nice photo taken by XY last Friday at Zouk

That was the last of me. Haha. Ever since that night, I’ve fell very sick till now. Too much alcohol and I must be growing old (sigh!) I have an overheated throat, too sore and swollen to even speak more than a sentence without coughing, a cough which kills my peaceful nights and brings more weight to my eyebags and a throbbing headache thanks to being half asleep every night from coughing. Life sucks temporarily now….

I’m supposed to be having my one-week holidays now but because the very smart me have to retake my MacroEconomics, I have classes this few days. Deadlines are catching up too! Currently, finishing a small portion of assignment for next Monday. I’m feeling the festive holidays though it’s not much of a festival but it’s National Day on Thursday! Plans changed, I’ll be heading down to watch the parade LIVE at floating platform instead of staying home. Yay! Have been wishing I had tickets and thanks to W’s sister, we are heading down with her and her kids. I’ll remember to share photos with you guys!

And why did I say it feels like a long holiday is because W have got his week off from Thursday – Sunday! Yay! It’s rare to have him off work and a bummer like me would wish I had company sometimes. Where should I bring him on Friday? I was thinking of a nice cafe or pastry shop… But anyone have any suggestions?

The first time Sailorboy parties with my uni friends

“Some love for me, honey?”

More kisses from the homiessss

Last but not least,

XY, pardon my friend. This is a rare sight on my blog but it’s a usual scene whenever he’s drunk. Heehee! Someone tried to put ice on his tits, it was hilarious watching. Thank you XY for being so sporting.

Till the next time I get better,



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