Singapore’s 47th Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Singapore! 😀

It was a great experience having to watch the National Day Parade LIVE on National Day! It has been idk-how-many-donkey-years since I watched the NDP LIVE and this is my first time watching it at the floating platform. All thanks to Cindy (W’s sister) who manage t get tickets for us and her family, we could be part of this awesome show! The show was nice, the ndp song for this year was sang by the pretty Olivia and the very cute little girl and the highlight was the fireworks! The fireworks this year was endless and with the beautiful background at the floating bay, the view was just spectacular! (: I’ll post photos while I share with you how my NDP experience was like.

The goodie bag was surprisingly good!!! I love the whole concept following the Phuket’s ‘waterproof’ bags. The stuff inside were pretty good too! (At least not boring plain butter biscuits only…) They have included a lot of food and drinks inside. Must be more food sponsors this year.

Little Sarah, a perfect ambassador for NDP – All ready with her Tattoos

Her red shoes and white socks

She got so tired from getting excited, napping in the car for the show later

Going to a large-scale event always involves problem travelling to the place. The public transport are always a problem. You have to squeeze in the MRT or the bus, might have to miss a few before boarding. Now even with the increase in COE for cars, there is always a massive jam on the road. We had to drive to the NDP show and everywhere was packed with people. Managed to park at a shopping mall near by and walked a distance to get our bags checked.

Along the way, we met nice volunteers on stilts. I wonder how long did they practice to walk on these….  It must be really tiring!

Everyone’s in red!

We managed to get the yellow sector and it’s the best seats, right smacked at the middle of the stage.

The floating bay – Overseeing the central business district of Singapore

At the side – The Singapore Flyer & The Helix bridge

The beautiful Marina Bay Sands – You can see they set up another sitting area of people to sit around the waters to enjoy the show

The Dragonboaters, under the Helix Bridge, ready to paddle for NDP show

W’s brother-in-law was awesome! He came from work and he packed for all of us awesome food! You will never guess… We were very-prepared guests (:

He bought at least 8 bowls of soya bean with different flavours

Happy boy eating his peach soya bean!

The beautiful Mother and Daughter (:

Sean in food-action! Hehe caught him in action a few times, you’ll see what wonderful food he’ve got.

Yay! W and I, first LIVE NDP together (:

This is a very interesting item in the goodie bag. It’s really nice! Good to wear for cold countries (:

One of the MC, Sharon Aw. Haha Managed to get a picture of her here.

Then they had the usual (but always exciting) line-ups for every National Day. The 5 parachuter.

“Wooooaaaaaahhhhhhhh…………….. ……”


And one by one, they all arrived in their parachutes.

The marching in of our Singapore soldiers *salute* Don’t you love the new uniform? I LOVE IT!!! I can’t wait for W to wear his new uniform (: It reminds me of the US Navy Seals.

Navy! I can’t get enough of the pure white uniform (:

My Sailorboy ;*)

And the highlight for everyone this NDP 2012 is the arrival of our Senior Mentor, Mr LKY.

The recent rumours that was passed around like wildfire on the internet and even neighbourhood coffeeshop, involved Mr LKY’s health and everyone was anticipating for his arrival at the NDP to prove if the rumour is real or fake.

It’s the first time everyone was united and anticipating for something, and this time, I’m sure everyone was anticipating for Mr LKY you appear to prove the rumour wrong.

The moment the MC announced to welcome the PM… Everyone was thinking, “Where’s the Senior Mentor???… Is he coming?!”

And true enough, when they welcomed the Senior Mentor, “Mr LKY….” The whole stadium rose to their feet and everyone was screaming and cheering happily for his presence. It was a cheer of huge relief and happiness that he is still around.

He was able to raise his hand to acknowledge the crowd, his people from the land he established.

*crowd cheers even louder* It was overwhelming just being there. I was very touched with the response from everyone. The moment just brought tears to my eyes. Deep inside, we will definitely hate the ERP.. hate the increase in COE… hate the overpopulation.. the increasing in foreigners and no space for us locals… no matter how much we always complain about our lives, some part of us actually honor and treasure what we originally had in Singapore. And of course, we honor the man who help us bring Singapore to where we are right now.

That moment was just special.

People raised their flag but Sean raise his McSpicy!

Love this photo. Singing then national anthem.

The 5 planes flying

Our new president, Dr Tony Tan

Happy Family!

This shawl they gave us can come in handy overseas!

The stuff in my bag, loads of cough/sore throat medicine to control my throat

Heart shape waves by the police coast guards

More plane demos!

This is damn cool, the fighting jet which flew around MBS.

Pretty lucky to get this shot, wanted t take the soldiers marching up, but got Xiaxue on photo! (:

Sean’s Yan yan chocolate got all over his face

This year’s NDP theme

W’s bro-in-law famous Geylang Duck rice!

Sunset already and the lights at night were gorgeous!

There were little fireworks every now and then! I love fireworks!

The waves effect were really good too!

The view at the helix bridge/MBS

Very nice Ion-looking fireworks!

And this year’s NDP song, although not very popular yet, but it’s very nice. I don’t know why they never really play it often on TV. Unlike the other years when the theme song is always taught in schools and spammed on TV haha.

The very cute girl singing!

With the gorgeous Oliver Ong

Everyone with their lights

Fireworks close-up

Haha W….

Trying to capture the moment

Fireworks overload and with everyone in high spirits!

Wilson with his tiu tiu lights

And with all that huge fireworks…. the NDP show came to an end!

It was a very happy day for Singapore! (: At least for me, I had an awesome time! I can’t remember when was the last time I watched NDP LIVE at the stadium. Haha. It was nice to see that people are still enthusiastic about attending the LIVE concert (:

At the end of the parade, Sarah went around excitedly picking up people’s clappers!

“See, how many I found!”

This bandana reminds me so much about RP

That’s all for my 2012 NDP experience! It was a very good one and the event ended off on a high note! 😀 I really hope I can get tickets for the following years for my family to attend too! Everyone have to at least experience this once. The fireworks for this year was endless and beautiful! With the awesome background of the CBD buildings and lights, the whole view is an understatement in my photos.

I hope you enjoyed my brief NDP description + the photos. I’ll share with y’all the popular Hermes Exhibition in my next entry (:

Lotsa love, have a great week ahead!



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