As we go on, we remember…

“… all the times we, had together… And as our lives change, come what ever, we will still be, friends forever….”

This sunnies are so unique! Le Specs Rudeboy, it is. I was checking the new stocks that just arrived at work last Tuesday and Le specs definitely surprised me with very interesting unique designs. The one I’m wearing is one of the popular model that people have been calling to enquire. Hehe if you like it, you can come down to 69 Haji Lane to check them out!

It’s the weeeeekends again! 😀 (Yipppeeeee!!!) Whenever school’s in, weekends seem so precious to me. School week has been tiring. Trying to be on time for every 830am class is a big struggle for me and we had a test on Thursday which takes up 10% of our final grades. It was so stressful!! Mostly, my fault for not studying earlier and when I realized, it was too late cos’ I had to attend a farewell party on Wednesday night and I’ve only Thursday morning to the actual test time to revise. One of the most effortless test I’ve ever taken but thank God for my 101% concentration & focus, the test was pretty easy! I was smiling to myself when I saw the question (; I knew the answer and the points at the tip of my fingers. So no sweat, no sweat, no sweat!

Highlight for Wednesday was attending Amanda’s (amderrr) farewell party at Changi Cottage! So sad, one of my secondary school good friend is moving on with her life and further studying in San Francisco! I’m happy for her, for all the times we were closer from Secondary 3 since our clique split into different class, she was one of my closer friend in class. She might or not come back to SG, but knowing her, I know she would prefer her life at SF haha. Her flight is tomorrow at noon. Doubt I can send her off, but I wanna wish her all the best for whatever she’s gonna do! She might not be physically here in SG but memories of our friendship and fun times in high school is definitely close to me in my heart (:

That’s my friend, Amanda aka Amder. Hope your SF guidebook we bought you comes in handy! (hehe with our personal written tips in certain pages)

Secondary school good friends

Don’t be an alcoholic when you are back!

Theme: Nautical

Friends never say goodbye, but see you soon!

Doggie at party!

Cheez, with the bubble toy


3 okay :p

Love the lights that they set up


Photobomb!!! Love their same expression!

See you in 5 years, at my wedding (HAHAHAHA) Keep this same expression! ❤

Age is catching up… It’s no more happy birthdays and skipping classes together for neoprints or movies. It’s farewell parties and airport trips now. Everyone is moving on to the next phase of our lives. Even I am facing a shift in my life, in 5 years, my life wouldn’t be the same anymore. It’s nice to always lie down and think back of our younger days, carefree and happy despite being broke in our pockets :O!! All these comes down to the last day of school, when we were preparing for graduation and we start to sing “Graduation” by Vitamin C – As we go on, we remember, all the times we, had together… And as our lives change, come what ever, we will still be, friends forever….” Then being girls, we would all start tearing and crying and hugging each other, not wanting time to pass us at all. As if secondary school was the only life we want, being naive and innocent girls not knowing what is life going to bring us when we grow older. It is surely a big surprise how life has changed since we sang that song.

Quote for the weekend:

“It happens to everyone as they grow up. You find out who you are and what you want, and then you realize that people you’ve known forever don’t see things the way you do. So you keep the wonderful memories, but find yourself moving on.” – Nicholas Sparks

I’m going for a run to North Point to get my Oyster Mee sua hehehehe :p One life, Make it count!

Love y’all!


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