Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, my muslim friends! 😀

(hahaha we look like we just got up from our phuket hotel and is eating along the streets of thailand)

Have a good time feasting with your family and friends today!! Hehe we had thai feast instead yesterday. I can’t wait to feast on the yummy REDANG and BAGEDILSSSS 😀 (my favourite)

That’s my Sunday lunch in 2 consecutive weeks. Can’t get enough of thai food. It’s SO good, I wanna go back to Phuket! *dreams* Need my pocket to grow for me to even go for another getaway.

I’ve been attending NCC with Mable for 3 weeks. It’s rather new because we had to queue 2 hours before to get tickets to have a seat in the auditorium. I’m not a morning person so thanks to mab, we had tickets. Pastor Prince was hilarious. Haha.

And we had a funny encounter with the “couple” beside us. Hehehe. Shall not judge here.

We had Old Town White Coffee breakfast before service! I wanna try the wanton noodles there next time (: Hehe the kaya spread looks like poop :p

After a long day at church and nahkon, we had dinner at House of Seafood with all the navy officers. Haha. It was pretty fun this time. Very funny and interesting people, indeed. Went to udders after that at Siglap. Waaahh too many flavours, spoilt for choice! Mao Shan Wang was the best but honestly, if you try that flavour first, you wouldn’t be able to taste anything else after. Haha.

Had green tea and Honeycomb Snickers Mars Vanilla. Yummy!

Chilled and hung around till close to midnight and it was home sweet home. Time passed really fast when I was allowed to watch my Running man (for once!!!) and W watched his own youtube videos. Haha. Slept at 4am and that is why today I’m so restless and bored. Not having enough energy to do anything but yet, wanting to do something. Don’t we all h8 this feeling? It’s back to normal bedtime tonight. Reality is back tomorrow! (though I got nothing on after school…..)

Alright, gonna start my workout today since there is no touch training. Bye!



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