HERMES Exhibition

Just 2 weeks ago, I was planning a Fri-date with W since he had the day off from work. I happen to see online that there is a mini Hermes Exhibition going on so I decided to visit the little museum with him. It was held at Tanjong Pagar Railway station, the place we all missed, the mee soto and nice old school supper place.

About this exhibition, Hermes is bringing ‘The Gift of Time’ around the world and we must be very honoured as the french house has picked Singapore as one of its destination. We were destination #2 on its journey from Hong Kong to Lille in France.

That’s the little sovenior that many of you might have gotten from the exhibition too!

KTM station… what a pity they had to tear down this place. However, it was a nice location for Hermes to do their show. In Hong Kong, they did it in a shopping mall which was a very typical sight around.

Love the angle of this photo. Feels like he is out of time, floating~ (HAHA shamelessly making this up)

So we entered the mini-exhibition and we were brought to this room which has many boards that describes certain things that we do to pass time and I can agree to many of it! See if you do the same thing too!

Don’t we all love presents?

I love doing this!!


I definitely do this, ALL the time!

Wilson’s favourite (If only I could swim)

There is a watch inside, and this Hermes watch actually has a setting that allows you to ‘stop time’. The minutes-hand will float in the middle of nowhere and there is no such time as that. Really cool.

I didn’t manage to catch a good shot of the angle of the watch, sadly :/

Then we went to this room that showcased the bags from Hermes over time.

This is a 22-year-old bag (same age as me… brand new it looks!)

Since 1920, 90 over years!

Leather purrrsss….


This is a very cool mosaic picture of a cat, made out of leather that has been used over time and the idea of the artist was that everyone who visited this exhibition touch the leather – The more worn out it is, the better. It may become a new project for Hermes.

Different kinds of leather and suede

It’s very amazing how this bowl of water + light produces a nice colour combi

Very cool ceiling art!


I might consider using old cups and bowls as my lights for my house if I got no $$

At the end of the exhibition, there are little food stores around, convenience store which sells our favourite old-school snacks and ice cream vendor.

Very interesting flavours

Flavours of our past


Haha act!

And of course, having such a nice scenery at KTM, we can’t miss it with the sunset that comes along with it. Photo camwhore time! Hehehe.

HAHAHA Love this shot! Wilson can’t get any better at such photos!

(Artistic ah this shot?…. hehehe)

That’s all for our little Hermes Date! (: Had awesome Kenny Rogers’ dinner after. Mac & Cheezz… Lurve it. But their biscuit, kinda suck now 😦 I’m pretty anal about food especially pastries. Hehe. Sorry, gotta only give my calories to worthy food!

Anyways, for recent events sake, I burnt 750 calories at spinning class yesterday with Mab. I’m on a 20-day pass for true fitness (I rly want a pass to the gym but I got no $$ for a membership… sigh I wished some kind soul can sponsor me *pray and hope*) So yea, we had Manhatten fish market after cos’ all the other food stores were closed. Haha fancy us entering a restaurant in our gym attire and worst was I forgot to bring my shorts so I was only in tights and my rugby jersey, ALL the way home. WIN!

Have a good Thursday, everyone! TGIF is coming!



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