M.onday, Blues for you?

Hellloooo! It’s Monday and definitely, blues for me.

Dark gloomy skies just outside my shop and no customer ever since the last/first purchase. Yesterday was a totally different day, possibly one of my highest sales and the shop was buzzing with people, I hardly had time to eat! Two consecutive days of work but entirely different mood.

I don’t know what’s with me but if I feel sad or moody or alone, I tend to have the urge to shop and it’s best if I do not have any internet with me because online shopping will cause me to sin. That’s what I am caught doing now. (sigh!) And what’s worst is, I’m feeling even more devastated or rather, extremely sad that the wallet that I wanted to get from ASOS on Saturday is SOLD OUT NOW!!! ): ): ):

I’m desperately finding it on google, hoping someone else might sell it but I see none. I know it’s a ‘want’ but it’s a MAJOR want! >:'(


In love with this wallet. And more in love with this brand.


Matt & Nat Audrey Moss Wallet – Going into my “All-Time Wishlist”

If any kind soul see this anywhere, please PM me or leave a comment k? (: I’ll give you xxtra lurveeeee!


So, after 2 hours of whining about not being to get my wallet… I’ve been “window-shopping” and I thought, hey it’d be nice to share with you guys some of the pretty clothes and accessories I like (want but can’t buy them *pouts*) So, let those prettayeee things go!
If it’s meant to be mine, it will be 😀


Gotta love stripes ESP navy and white and and and ANCHORS! This wallet ends with a pink rim which shouts me! Paul’s Boutique is definitely one of my favourite brand I’ll keep my bookmark for next time.

For the cute cupcakes lovers!

Image 1 of ASOS Bandeau Dress With Bell Skirt In Cupcake Print

This tube dress is SO cute! I’m still contemplating if I should get it. $38.03SGD, should I?

Damn it’s too cute! I seldom get to buy such cute dresses….

Image 1 of Club L Polka Dress With Belt

This is my favourite dress for the day! But sadly, (again) it’s out of stock. Left with UK 16 if not it will be my happy buy!

Love the soft polka dots in this velvet red dress and I’ve a fetish for dresses which has a perfect cutting with a flare at the bottom. Too bad, not meant to be.

Image 4 of Ted Baker Ikon Great Britain Bag

Image 1 of Ted Baker Ikon Great Britain Bag

Ted Baker Ikan Great Britain Bag, I kinda like this but not very sure if I really really like it. Maybe it’s on discount that’s why I like it alittle more. Hehe. GIRLSSSSS (I don’t know why but I have to agree with the guys on the part where girls are so indecisive and their reasoning can get pretty…. unjustifiable)

Image 1 of ASOS Vintage Dial Watch on Tan Strap

Image 3 of ASOS Vintage Dial Watch on Tan Strap

I always wanted a watch like this!!! Going at $54.33…. Is it worth it? I might buy this, if someone gives me a green light (;

Or maybe can this watch work better?

Image 1 of ASOS Moving Dial Heart Detail Watch

Moving Dial Heart watch – However, it’s not in my basket cos’ I think $43 is too much for a poor girl like me to splurge on. Plus, this watch is actually really small on your wrist. I just love the details of this watch. It would be awesome if I can learn how to design watches!

Image 1 of Nixon Gold Bracelet Watch

NIXON – I have been lusting on this brand for the longest time but why is this brand so expensive?! I guess it’s only for the eyes.

Image 1 of ASOS Moustache Face Expander Watch

And lastly…. This cute moustache watch I want. Saw it somewhere on Facebook going for $20? Maybe I might get it there instead. Cute and Vintage.

I wanna try doing a look book. If I ever get to start on it, you guys will be the first to see. W’s sailing back tomorrow, Tuesday will be better. And Wednesday, I’ve got my day off!!! No work, no school…. I’m free 😀 Looking forward to spinning class at the gym at night though.

Goodbye for now. Hope you’re having a less-gloomy Monday!



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