Thank God it’s Thursday….

Thank God it’s Thursday… Because I smell the weekends nearing!

Though there’s nothing really to look forward to during weekends (W’s on duty on Saturday which sucksss) but I guess I’ve been really tired this whole week! My first time working 4 days in a row and with lesson before work, it’s so tiring really. I guess it’s very hard to earn money and I need to start a savings plan.

I went for Spinning Class yesterday again and this time, I attempted to do what the advance people are doing. Half squats, stand ups, back to the seat, all while cycling and it really got my thigh muscle working. In fact, I never felt so achy for a long time. I don’t know if I did pull my muscle but I can hardly stand up or walk properly now. I have no idea how I am going to go for touch rugby training tonight :/ :/ :/

Just a short short update now. Dreading today and tomorrow, both long days at school. I can’t wait to waste my Saturday away and see W on Sunday after church!

Gotta go get ready for school now. Sigh, I don’t wanna get out of my bodyskins.

Eyewear of the week!

Karen Walker.

Outfit of the busy week

Have a great week away!

If you’re as tired as I am and struggling with your week, hang in there! The weekends are near.

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