#1. Stress note

Dear God,


I am very bad at maths and numbers and nothing is going into my head now. Economics is a combination of words + numbers which I am even more lost than just mathematics. I am so stressed up with the fact my brain isn’t absorbing anything at all and my major test is on Friday. How, God? How… I am desperate but I noticed the more I am caught up with the stress, I am actually very moody and exploding on the outside. I need anger management, it got me snapping a lot and I feel very sorry about it. I have decided to put my book and pen down, turn on the computer and do things I enjoy to stop the stress flowing through my bloodstream. But God, I promised a ‘restful’ week but I got a stressful week instead. Please help me, I can only put my stressful week and Friday into your hands. I’m letting all these go. Letting You take it from here. Jehovah Jireh, The Lord who provides.

I hope you hear my cry.

Thank you, Lord.





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