Hey mom, it’s your burfffdaeeee

Sorry I haven’t had time to write lately. I have been so busy over the past few weeks, rushing deadlines, getting unnecessary (loser) injuries and SUNIG is in 2 days! I didn’t expect to play for SUNIG actually cos’ due to work commitments, I couldn’t attend trainings regularly. It’s my honour to play for SIM and I’m a winger this time! (Yay?!) Relieving my young poly days… the most carefree position (;

School is about to end in a weeks’ time and I don’t know whether to feel happy or not cos’ it means exams are coming. Studying Business Marketing have been a dread ever since I started school… Just to appease my parents. Yes, I know I know… we should all do what we have a heart for and not be forced to do anything but if you were ever caught in this situation, it’s more than just thinking about yourself and your interest.

I have got SO many photos I wanna share here, but they are all from different events from the past weeks so I guess I will have to do them one by one. (I know, I still owe my Goldcoast trip photos in June… 1500 photos :/ yikessss) So, lemme start somewhere…. :l

Last two week was a birthday week. It seems like September has been a birthday month for many of my love ones. Mom and dad are both a year older in the past 2 weeks. Mom had a fancier birthday celebration than dad, hence no photos from my dad’s birthday cos’ he just wanted something simple. Like packet food home and enjoy them, that’s all.

However for my mom, I planned dinner so good food can’t be missed! It was on a Monday so I had to give training a miss again…. I decided that we settled for The Garden Slug! Used to have a friend working there but she left the job already.

Top 10 all-day breakfast places, a pity we didn’t try their breakfast sets

Here we are!

Love the odd red walls…

So cute, all the drawings!

Ok starters! Yums yums yums… But I wished they stated how many pax for this plate cos’ in the end, it wasn’t enough to go around the table.

Dad’s Americano

My bro’s and my lychee/peach soda

Brother and girlfriend

Mom and Me!

Okay now you have to see our main courses! It was very satisfying….

Look at how juicy and succulent the steak is!

That’s for baby’s steak…. Now comes the lamb (maaareeeeee!)

I love the mint sauce

Dad and I shared a 2 persons’ meat set!

Chelsea’s DAMNNNNNNNNN shiok Carbonara

But I guess you can’t finish this on your own as you might get sick of the taste. Best to share with someone else and order a different course.

Our extra side dish, I don’t know what meat it was but it was really spicy!

Instead of getting a big cake, we decided to do it different so we can try all the different flavours they have. SO SAD they didn’t have red velvet anymore…. If only they could sell the display one.


Happiee Burffdayyyyyyy!

Family photo

Mommy’s future son-in-law (;

Mommy’s “honey boy” *puke face*

All the kidsssss, sigh my family is so small right? It feels really different when I am at W’s house. It’s so rowdy and lively cos’ there are so many people at home!

The cakes were DELICIOUSSSSSSSS. No rooms for improvement cos’ it was SO GOOD, it’s not funny!!! I forgot what exactly did we order but yea, these 3 cakes is a MUST-order! Especially the cup one. It’s the best!

This has some cinnamon inside, super duper refreshing!

Topped with meringue, this is dark choc!


It is something like nutella with butterscotch and nuts, it is so good.

You know it’s SO good when you see this……

Food orgasm. HAHAHA kidding la.

Another one, high on sugar.

Nice photo but so blur ):

Damn, my cheeks got chubbier 0:

Well, that’s the end of garden slug. Bill was pretty steep thou :/ $210 for all of us. That’s about $40 per person. Well, we weren’t really very full after dinner. But okay, the food was good and I like the atmosphere there. Ambience was peaceful and nice for small gatherings.

The day before, I decided to bring mom to New Creation Church (the church I have been attending recently). Then we had birthday brunch at Katong when W picked us up (: Guess what did we have for brunch…….. Our favourite……

Peranakan food! 😀

I love the peranakan culture and the food. Ok, W keeps making fun of me whenever I say I have peranakan blood -.- It’s true. Just that it’s not so much % anymore when it comes to me. My great grandmother was peranakan!

Sambal prawns were awesome!

The plates were all so traditional and pretty!


My pee always stink after I eat petai but I love it! It’s the ‘nice’ kinda ‘smelly’ that I would put in my mouth. Haha. Unlike smelly tofu from Hong Kong where I can smell a mile away! :////

Kueh Ambon! Another favourite on my list!

And…. On that very night, my bro and I decided to surprise mom with a birthday cake on 12 midnight!

Easy cake from McCafe!

Her problem kids hehe

And her new ‘son’ who loves her so much, Cody! (;

Mom told me that this year’s birthday was her best in her life! (: She was very happy with her present too…. Hehehe. I got her a Samsung Ace 2 phone! Her FIRST android phone in her life! 😀 Hahaha. She can finally get rid of the army phone and get into our generation hehe. But sigh, now whatsapp became one of her way to get her nags to us :/ That’s baddddddddddd…..

Whatever it is, as long as she’s happy (: 

I shall head to bed now. So tired from work and I’m going for another interview tomorrow for Loreal. Sleeep time! Goodnight!


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