Respect yourself = Loving yourself

Note of the day.

Respect is a very important word when it comes to loving yourself. If you have respect for yourself, it shows that you love yourself. Some people can say they do love themselves, but actions speak so much louder than words… If actions show that you can’t respect yourself, how much more for loving ‘you’?  And yea, I realized in life… I have give up many things/people because I was sick of staying stagnant, not growing. I hate feeling mundane about life as we’ve only got one life, so LIVE IT (right?) YOLO is the right word here. In life, we may find it hard to give up on certain things which we have gotten used to and changes only seem scarier each time you try to face it, but the step you take to move on, will find so many more things in life which actually helps you to grow and at the end of the day, you will only be thankful for respecting yourself enough to leave your business to find something more at the end.


Haha. Sorry I don’t know if I made any sense, just pouring out my thoughts. Lazy Friday it is! I am feeling the fatigue, soreness and achy muscles from yesterday’s game. I was so tired that I sleep-talk last night and it was really funny! W told me I let out a huge loud sigh and it woke him up! He asked me what happened and I said, “Mission failed.” (LOL?!) He asked what mission? And I gave a pitiful sad frown as if I was damn sad about the mission and said, “Have to do it all over again…” (HAHAHAHA) Cos’ W doesn’t watch running man, he doesn’t know but when he told me, I started to laugh to myself. It was hilarious! Shows how much I love Running Man… Well, I admit my fantasy for running man has gotten too far lately. It became an obsession and I know it’s bad, but I really can’t help it. Anything korean, running man and esppp Kim Jong Kook is a big fantasy! Sigh… I hope my craze goes away soon, it’s so unhealthy I’ve to admit :/

Anyways, on a healthier note, I played my first SUNIG game last night and it was a good start for me and my team! 😀 We scored 5-3 against NUS and although I didn’t manage to score a lot, I did dive for a touchdown to break the tie and it really was a good morale booster for me and my teammies! The touchdown moment was rly special, my first sunig try… Plus the moment when I saw Jaz throw the long ball high up, I couldn’t think of anything else but to catch the ball and fly to the try line. The resounding cheers after was really memorable and I couldn’t really remember anything except feeling happy for that try for the team! It only means one thing, we are one step closer to our Shanghai trip and I’m really hyped up about this trip! My first overseas trip with my touch rugby team!

Very awkward me, drinking water haha. I hateeee my lazy handsss!!! Always giving me this awkward pose -.-

Number 11 for this season. New number, new game!

3….2….1….. SIM!


Yayyy! 😀

I feel really thankful that I decided to continue playing touch rugby. It may or may not be my last tournament but I’m gonna enjoy it while it last!

Hehe and I got new boots for the new season!

Purple’s the new pinkkk (; 

I loved my pink mercury vapour my RP team bought for me but I found out that it wasn’t very suitable for my feet, hence I keep losing toenails from it due to the thin cushioning from the top. I’ll still keep the boots in memory of my wonderful days with RP Rainbows. Now, a new season with a new team calls for new beginning!

Gotta head to school soon, gonna pick Sarah up from the school bus in abit. Feeling too lazy for school, sigh. I got a bruised bum bum hehe. TGIF everyone! Enjoy F1 to whoever attending it! (:


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