Take a breather, life’s better

Phewwwwww…. I can finally breathe today. Slept in till 1.30pm. For a second, I felt life was good. If only I could be like that forever. This week is one busy bumble week! Everything has to happen at the same week and I hardly had the time to breathe :/

Had project deadlines on Monday and Tuesday, HDB stuff to settle on Monday, SUNIG game against NTU on Tuesday, Work at Loreal for Wednesday and Thursday and finally it’s TGIF! Got the last SUNIG game against SMU tonight and a friendlies at Turf City tomorrow afternoon. Sunday it’ll be a chill-out day at church and no plans after. Damn, I can’t even seem to catch a breath just typing out what I did the whole week.

I know, my posture and angle in this photo makes me look so fatty! But it’s the only photo I churned out from the week. I think I’m really olddddd….. Sigh, gone are those days when I was 17 and still standing there 10am-10pm, wearing high heels, promoting for LG handphones :l I can barely stand on my flats for 12-8pm now. Miss being youngggg and carefree!

Working at Loreal was pretty much an eye-opener for me. Met a Malaysian girl who was same age as me, she’s very nice girl, had lunch with me both days. I asked her, why don’t she change job since this kind of promoter job is so mundane. Everyday just waiting for lunch hour, waiting for crowd, being scolded by buyer or whoever and you have to stand whole day! She shared with me about her difficulties and life and she even taught me chinese! 😀 Well, I told her I feel so lucky yet so pampered and sheltered after hearing her stories. I hope she didn’t find me too whiny. Oh, had a few funny experiences too! Exchanged numbers with a tai tai cos’ she said she wanted to keep in touch and meet up for lunch/tea/dinner… Pretty cool! And most of the promoters working there are mothers and they all kept talking about my face and asked me if I am “yang ren” or mixed blood. They even asked me if I went to do plastic surgery for my nose. Haha. Damn. It’s real, I swear! I think I’m quite thankful my parents gave birth to me with a nose that looks like it has gone through plastic surgeons. It was a pretty good experience working there, despite my tired legs. I will definitely go back there to shop whenever I need my stuff, seeing them struggling to hit target was a pretty painful sight.

Lastly, I’m so thankful for my permanent part-time job at DHS. My boss is awesome, work scope easy and I enjoy eating which is definitely allowed at work. Hehe. I’m returning back to work next week with new photos for new arrivals from Karen Walker! Stay tuned k.

I regret eating a WHOLE FREAKING mooncake to myself a minute ago :/ I’m waiting to go for my last SUNIG game and I just happily innocently gobbled down that mooncake. Yikes. If you stamp my face with a chinese chop, it sure looks like mooncake now. Haha. Anyways, SUNIG is almost over! My team have been doing well 😀 I can’t wait for tonight’s game though I’m pretty nervous what my coach seems to be hiding for us to create greater suspense -.- I have to admit, I am damn curious. Not fun at all.

Alright, gotta go now. TGIF EVERYONE!



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