ALOHA, it’s October!

I think my title for this entry sounds too “happy”… Not that there is no reason I should be happy about but this month is gonna be one busy, fast-moving, stressful, tiring month! So, hello Oktober!

I have 3 weeks to prepare for exams and when the exams are happening, it will be vrrroooommmmm fast and before I know it, I’ll be catching the flight to Shanghai alone to meet my team there! I don’t know how everything is gonna work out this month, but I guess I’m gonna live a day at a time and leave the rest to God.

Excited for my friend’s baptism this Saturday (: I can still remember the day I got baptised when I was 14 or 15. Definitely can’t miss this important date in my good friend’s life! Not forgetting, pretty excited for the 2nd wedding I’m gonna attend in my life (loserrrrrr ya). I love all these happy events! It makes life so much worth livin’. Not forgetting food events too, me and my SIM team got an award presentation at SMU this friday which meanssss FREE BUFFET! And our coach still owe us a feast cos’ we easily won his challenge! (;

Tomorrow is the start of my study time. I’m going to school library to isolate myself in a cubicle and mug mug mug…. Until 3pm when it’s time for more food affair tgt with my team. Sushi buffet! Dayyyummm, I know I am gonna suffer the weight gained after all these events but it only means ONE THING – Happiness! 😀

You’ve only got one life, live it with no regrets!

Where the fries are sexxxxx

Cajun chicken thigh

Swiss Shrooms Burger


Huge palm-sized burger

Man eating palm-sized burger

Your writer sharing more of the food love too! (:

Happy October everyone! 


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