are you already freaking out like I am?! hahhh… i know how you feel. at least both of us know we are not alone.


i think the moment that really hit me that i’m no longer a little girl is when i got a house. i am looking at my almost-empty cpf account for the first time and wondering what is this all about? the time when we used to be the “cute” one looking at our grandparents with bubbly eyes have all change to our grandparents looking at us and we go “aww”, i feel it now. not forgetting when i always tweet about my mom and her actions that i used to find it annoying is now funny to me. no more late nights, by 10pm i wanna go home. eating well, exercise regularly became v important and definitely the last part where i have NO idea what i’m doing totally describe me now. studying business in university but don’t know what kind of future i will get but just hoping everything works out.


sigh. woes of a growing adult or would you say bliss of a learning adult? beats me. its fun in a way cos’ skipping school and breaking the rule is boring and i want something new in life. new thrill or cheap thrill cos’ thats so yesterday. i would say adult’s cheap thrill ain’t really cheap and it is more of a challenge. i guess a step into adulthood means your thrill is your challenge.


i’m still feeling young despite getting to this stage of life and i’m pretty proud of myself for living such a decent good life so far.


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