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….. 7-ELEVEN! Yup, everyone loves 7-11! The very well-known convenience store all around the world with the famous tagline: 7-eleven, Store And More! Definitely it is a store and more! How many of you can actually say you have never heard/step inside 7-ELEVEN in your life? Don’t count the babies or toddlers but 7-eleven has been very useful in everyone’s life when it comes to conveniences!

7-ELEVEN makes EVERYONE’S day at least once in their life. Whenever someone is in need of an emergency blister plaster, having a bad day and needs a cheer-me-up snack, craving for your favourite calbee chips at 2am, sleeping over your friends’ house but forgot to bring your toothbrush/toothpaste, having a really sunny hot day in singapore and needs a super brainfreeze slurpieeeee, caught a cold/fever in the middle of the night but ran out of panadols at home, got a soccer game and your crush is coming to watch your game and have dinner afters but you forgot to shampoo/soap, your girlfriend is coming over to stay and wanna have some hot sexxy time but ran out of you-know-what (; … came home late from work but need to get newspaper and gardenia bread for your family for next morning, dropped your handphone in the taxi and needs to get a prepaid card urgently to contact your mom….

Sounds familiar? (;

Everyone had their urgent/panic moments and 7-eleven came to the rescue!!! It is definitely super duper convenient because you can easily find one within 500m of your reach in the heart of your neighbourhood. Take a bus and alight the next stop or two, you may find another 7-eleven too! What’s more, for all the late-night movies/sleepover, feeling hungry or need something to eat, 7-eleven is 24 HOURS – something I love so much about 7-eleven. I have a store opposite my house and it’s so convenient whenever I just need some cup noodles or even chicken rice at 3am. Something else that is awesome about 7-eleven is there are stores ALL OVER THE WORLD. Whenever I’m on a holiday and there is definitely times I need something at a last-minute, I find 7-eleven and it actually makes me feel ‘close to home’ (:

So, just a few weeks ago, I had my SUNIG touch rugby games and I always get the jitters before my games. I was also afraid I would get too lethargic and get “lazy legs” cos’ games are at night and I have school in the day so I usually need a perk-me-up to hype me for my games.

So I went to 7-eleven when I was gonna make my way to school and went  to get some save-me-please snacks!

First up was my all-time favourite raisin buns from Gardenia!

I love the little cute round hand-size buns and it is so easy to carry in that size! I definitely need these buns to keep my stomach filled since it wouldn’t be ideal to fill it up with fried kuay tiao :X

2nd up….

My favourite D+ Japanese Hokkaido cream bun! Mmmm… Yums yums yums. They have other flavours like red bean, cheese, chocolate, pumpkin… etc. I have sweet tooth so this bun is a little treat for me before my game hehe. You have to try Hokkaido cream! It’s tasty and yummy!

And lastly………

which is also my favourite item which I decided to let it be the main product I’m gonna showcase and write about is…

Peanut Butter SNICKERS! I have never tried this flavour and seen this packaging before until I saw it at 7-11!

Peanut Butter snickers, YUMMY. I have been having this before my SUNIG games and it sure gave me some sugar rush and energy boost! And you know what, 7-11 is having buy 2 at $3 promo! No reason why I shouldn’t buy them hehe.

Bought this before my game with some of 7-11 YUMMY waffles! Dayumm, 7-11 is getting too good with their goodies.

And I love the way they package this snickers bar. Unlike the other snickers which comes in one piece, this snickers are in 2 squared pieces. It’s cute and easy to eat! What’s even better about this packaging is the “Twist to close” function. You can save one for later, they say.

Yeap! As simple as this, I’ve been buying a lot of this snicker bar from 7-11 since I saw the goodness of the packaging! I usually like to eat half and keep the rest for another round of sweet tooth craving but sometimes the whole chocolate escapes the wrapper and leaves stain in my bag which gets me really annoyed! This is simple and clean.

This is on another event when I bought two more for work! It is my NEW “energy bar”. Hehe. Too good, too good guys…. Pardon me for all my individual boring shots, cos’ I really couldn’t get any other shoots. Boo!

Snickers + Sunnies! 7-11 is everywhere, you don’t need to worry about being under the sun too much… Plus the comfort of the air-conditioned shop and friendly staff, they are ever-ready at your service 24 hours!

Lastly, for the tough cookie! Thanks to 7-11 for that snickers energy booster, my team won 1st for SUNIG 😀 Snack for Champions, it is!

Thanks to 7-eleven, I got my snickers and managed to fly to the score line :p

7-Eleven has too much good deals and offers you can’t afford to miss!

Discounts! Good deals!

Pocket sandwich (Mmm… I like the sound of pocket hehe means its convenient and portable!)

All-time favourite Big GULP comes in combo sets! I love the first set! Mac & Cheese!

7-Eleven is not only location convenient but the food they have are also made convenient for you!

Where can you find black carrot cake at 3am AND done in 6minutes?  Hurray! 7-Eleven has them!

7-ELEVEN signature pick-and-go food! 😀 When I was in secondary school, I always stopped by 7-eleven to buy these two items. Haha. Affordable and convenient = Happy.

For healthier choice! *thumbs up* (:

7-Eleven is definitely a store and more! A lot of goodies to surprise you and with 24 hours service, you can find one anywhere at your convenience.

So, if I’m a fortunate lucky winner of this 7-eleven contest, I would love to travel to NEW ZEALAND! Yeah, that has been my dream vacation since I was young. I love countries with the four seasons and a temperature lower than humid Singapore. I remember how I loved it at Australia and never wanted to go home. I have never been to New Zealand and I would love to experience the dramatic alpine landscapes, tranquil lakes, beautiful vineyards, quiet pristine beaches and enjoy the cold peaceful drive there. I enjoy seclusion and relaxation and a lot of excitement and adventure at the same time! So I have been reading up on New Zealand since I took interest of it when I was younger and found out that it would be lovely if I could be there!

Balloon safari over the Canterbury Plains

Balloon Safari over the Canterbury Plains. Photo credits to: David Wall

Franz Josef Glacier

Franz Josef Glacier.

(OH MAH GOODNESSS….. breathtaking isn’t it?)

Milford Sound

This is awesome too! Kayaking with such a view is the closest thing to heaven!

What’s even awesome is to share the beautiful experience with my love one, don’t talk about honeymoon since we both love travelling and have been travelling tgt since we met each other. But how nice if we can just lie on the high lands and watch the sunset with the mountains in the background. I would be so excited if I could ever travel to New Zealand and do backpacking there or stay in a nice country side cottage. I hope my dream will come true! (:


Okay, and besides all these, I got good news for everyone!

There is a 7-Eleven Leading Brands Contest now and you can also stand a chance to win travel vouchers! 😀 Don’t you love the sound of  vouchers!

Join the 7-Eleven Leading Brands Contest Now !!

3 simple steps to stand a chance to win the travel vouchers! 5 Vouchers worth $1000 to be won!!!
1) Spend sgd $3 in any 7-Eleven Store and keep your receipt.
2) “Like”  7-Eleven Facebook Page
3) Join the contest Here and simply pick your favorite brands !
* Contest Ends 9th October 2012 (tomorrow! so quick quick quickly!)

Spread the love everyone! Share the goodness of your favourite worldwide convenience store!

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