11.10.12 / when there is love

There’s nothing I would rather do, 
than to grow old in love with you, 
the fun that being with you brings, 
our memories made of little things,
the talks we have, the jokes we share, 
the hugs, the kisses here and there…
what better reason could there be, 
to ask you to grow old in love with me.


monday was 8.8.12, it marks sailorboy & my 2nd anniversary together. it feels so long but yet we’re only 2 years tgt, like rly?!?? haaa, i told him let’s tone down and not have anything fancy. he did book the same restaurant where he first asked me to be his girlfriend, by the pier. but thankfully, his work got him delayed and had to cancel his reservation. i was standing on my “non-fancy-no-surprises” deal but he didn’t. (whoopsie!)

settled for a simple chinese steamboat buffet cos’ we were starving and craving for steamboat since sunday night. we found one at chong pang area and it was really cheap with good service from china foreigners. for the first time, the staff actually look for things to do and help you with, on their toes all the time. food was good. a surprisingly good deal we found.

the pot was huge!! which makes it better so we don’t have to keep refilling soup.

lovin’ the lighting xinghua helped me adjust hehe

i shall bomb y’all with my food picsss. happy looking and hope you get hungry by dinner time!

died from the spicy ma la soup. too spicy for me!

we stinked by the time we finished this garlic sauce hehe

so we went home and when W parked the car, he actually didn’t off the aircon and left the car lights on while he tried to take something out of his bag. i was like “oh shit, you didn’t keep your promise! you bought smthhhh?!” he smiled, “actually…..” hahaaha i was like, “don’t propose to me ah! BETTER DON’T ASK ME NOW. I THROW LOVE CARD. DON’T PROPOSE TO ME NOW I WILL BE ANGRY!!!” hahaha then i took his bag and look what was inside and holy shit, for a moment my legs went weak, i saw a ring box. i threw his bag back at him and said, “serious, please, don’t ask me now. please please please.” hahaha he took the box out and he said, “okok i’m not gonna ask now.” and hands it to me.

tadaaaa! it’s my 2nd anniversary present 😀 cos’ i always wanted to buy a ring for myself… and happen to see this at the counter on a random day.

how does it look? (;

alrightttt. the end! (;

the night ended well, i’m so touched and rly rly appreciate sailorboy’s effort. yay now i got a ring! but not engaged yetttt heh heh heh. anws, everyone check out dh.sunglass as they are bringing lots of new range of fashion sunnies and you’re bound to love them! so just keep them on your bookmarks and be updated when the new shades are in hehe

love out.



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