16.10.12 / FOMO


clothes a day. gotta love the English hat. the only thing missing in my fashion closet are hats. i never wore hats out unless playing touch rugby. mmm… aren’t the red suade gloves sexy? the only sad thing is you can’t wear them in Singapore. (boo!!!!!) not to mention, sequins are one of my latest favourite indulgence. they are best on Peter pan collars. love them all!

    anyways, I came across an article online and made an awesome discovery. I think our current 21st generation or onwards are/will be suffering from FOMO, guilty myself. what’s FOMO?

    fear of missing out. that’s what it is.

    our generation are constantly chasing to keep up with everything going on around us and whatever that is happening in people’s life. fear of missing out, that is. do you find yourself busy scrolling your phone’s Facebook feed just to “read” what others are saying? scared that when you meet up some old friends and there’s nothing to talk about? “don’t wanna be the last to know….” *sings*

    then you’re as guilty as I am.

    i wanna overcome this! :/

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