24.10.12 / so sick of books

so i ran my first 10km last week. made it count. it isn’t my first marathon since i’ve been running weird number of km but 10 is the most so far. haha! i’m not much of a runner…. how weak. oh and i’m pretty happy about this run. it was sailorboy and my first run together!!! i practically dragged him to run with me by signing him up and paying for it. he has no choice muahahaha. and we did pretty awesome for our first time!

sorry i haven’t had time to update and talk much. there are so many events over the past few weeks and i’ve yet to share it with you guys! i promise i’ll come back flooding this page asap…… tomorrow is my first paper. honestly, every semester i feel unprepared. but this semester, is the worst. i don’t even know….. ok nvm i better not say it. let go, trust God.

sigh. i’m so stressed. i can’t remember much. i need to buy pills for memory sake! :/ marcom paper tomorrow, i hope it is good. i rly love marcom actually.  sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh, im so stressed. can’t we just fast forward time to 2 weeks later? (hehehe then i’ll be a year older!)

anws november doesn’t seem quite exciting anymore. sigh. sailorboy is sailing on my birthday, that’s fine cos’ i’ll be going on a 2d1 trip with mabbbb. hehe. but so sad, my touch rugby shanghai trip failed, can’t go cos’ of my exams. then sailorboy can’t take leave to go overseas with me during my birthday. boringgg november. decemeber will be better :}

gotta run now. time to study. tomorrow is dooms day!

): hear from me soon!


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