30.10.12 / hope anchors the soul*

“hope anchors the soul.” – heb 6:19

sail away…. that’s what i wanna do. sail the seas…..

finished 2 papers as of today. marcom which i know i can pass and service quality which was today and gave me a hard time doing the paper. we could only share our worries after the paper and hope on better assignment results to save us. this is the most hated period of a life of a student. yes, we get to play more before exams, fool around but during exams period, we can forget about sleep/food/computer/tv/life/sometimes air. after today, i feel so drained out and tired from everything but guess what? i’m about to face my biggest giants this week. today was just appetizer. thursday and friday, back-to-back papers + econs on thurs + market research on friday. i really don’t wanna imagine. i’m about to live my nightmare……. 😥

w is sailing for a week since ytd and i’m missing him so much already. i guess i’m always this vulnerable and dependent during my exam period whenever i’m stressed and exhausted. he seems to always be away during my crucial exam period (like in taiwan) but yea good & bad, i guess i have time to go out and study alone and bad, i can’t talk to him for comfort.

the night before yesterday, while i was studying, w was bored and decided to draw ‘tattoos’ that we both wanna put in the future. we both are really fond of tattoos and it happen to be the same – anchor! i love navy, anchor, sail and sea. we decided to put it after we get married and move in to our new house hehe. well, it has to be meaningful so in the meantime, we have been looking for ideas. (honestly, i nv knew w was sucha great artist until he drew all that!)

especially this. he’s getting this done cos’ its meaningful for him.

haha and he did this to my leg when i told him i wanted feathers.

i tried to keep them on my feet till this weekend when he comes back, but i guess it looks like i didn’t bathe and it’s starting to fade off. boo…. and i still draw the anchor on my wrist every day to keep it there. hahaha. well, i gotta think for my future, i’m prolly gonna work one of those typical jobs in the business district area so no tatts in visible areas!

sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. if you’re wondering why i’m so free now is cos’ i’m mentally too exhausted to study tonight and i’ve got to cramp the next two days for two modules so good luck to me. i gotta WIN this battle! so thats why i’m here. enjoying/dwelling in every second of the internet. 2.23am. i miss my life. i miss being happy everyday.

4 more days till i get my life returned! by then, it’ll be hard to catch me… cos’ i’m catching happiness and excitement :}

goodnight everyone.

the books are chasing me tomorrow. (or even in my sleep)



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