05.11.12 / update 1


food. food. food. i can never get enough of food. that’s why i think skinny is never in my dictionary. well, at least i’m happy.

holidays are here, baby! how i ‘celebrate’ my first weekday of my holiday is to.go.to.work. i know, i’m so weird but i find simple joy in going to work, making money and i guess, not wasting time on a monday. i do like lazing in bed but maybe not today. my previous semester on my last day of exam, i went to work immediately after the paper. don’t call me a hardworker, i’m not. i only do that cos’ i feel like it. if not, i’m lazier than your neighbour’s cat.

so, i’m work now. lookin’ at my facebook and twitter timeline, being flooded with shanghai photos over the weekend… ): i was dreading this part of my monday. it’s really sad. i could have been there. yknow there feeling? sigh all credits to bad exam timings and evil school who don’t allow me to fly on a later date. (srsly i’m 22! i can take care of myself!!! i need society to understand this fact, including my boyfriend and my mom) so fun. play touch rugby in that cold weather. it’s mostly the team’s fun that i’m envious about. i don’t think i’d rly like shanghai or china. language barrier and their food and their dirty toilets… ney i’m just envious for not being able to be there with the people. i hope i get to go overseas soon to play touch before i get old and weak and …. saggy.

i love the weather lately, monsoon i love you. thanks for being cold and cuddly at the right time. right now, it’s cold and wet at work. i told my friend i’m actually v excited to come to work today. finally back to making some money + having fun. i dressed up today cos’ i feel happy too! (thou i took off the belt and left it at home cos’ i was stuffed with eggs/muffins/bread from nice papa Goh which resulted in a stomach my belt can’t contain)

so what’s new this week?

i’m turning 22.

sorry, no parties, no surprises, nothing for me. the limelight’s on everyone’s 21st! i realized i got too many friends turning 21 this year, and they are nov babies too! :] happy for them to enter the next old adult phase of life.

have a good week ahead! love, peace everyone.



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