20.11.12 / asleep faraway x little getaway

bucket list;

spend birthday overseas *ticked*

travel with a good friend *ticked*

alohaaaa~ looks as if i’m livin’ the life of a rich & famous, ceo-on-a-vacation-in-my-backyard-pool. damn. if only.

so, i went on a little short getaway vacay with my friend. we didn’t know what to expect and it was quite a risk for me, knowing it will either make/break my bird day since i’m gonna be away on my actual day. but thank God for surprises (or not!) the resort was para para paradise!

honestly, it will be boring hearing me tell you what we did the whole trip – we practically paid off our sleep debts!!! hey, but you might think ‘oh you pay money just to go on another island to sleep? that’s a waste of money’ well, you got to be here to know what is a good sleep all about. HAHAHAHA no kidd.

being singaporeans, took the earliest ferry at 8am. we forgot we had to check-in like an hour early but we still made it. this is a typical instagram photo of the sea, well, it means something to me because W was sailing on my birthday and he could possibly be one of those ships out at the sea. (lovesick, so near yet so far)

short ferry ride of 40mins and we are here!

my date

*sings* para para paradiseeee~

we were greeted with a really clean lobby and pretty helpful (or normal) service… but what was breath taking was THIS.

the oh-my-golly-goodness-so-pretty view! i was like “waaahh…..” and we just felt like keeping quiet for a while as we take in the sea breeze and the glorious sight! it must be heaven….

no filter

on the way, we met some monkeys on the road helping each other to scratch their backs. thank God there were no monkeys at our resort despite this sign and a cautious friend who kept thinking monkeys might fly across our heads…

the lift lobby which invites us to another heavenly scenery

the “boathouse” which we never made it cos’ of a funny bee story

yay? ney?

one thing about this resort is it is SO quiet, you can easily count the number of guests on that day and actually ‘label’ or know who they are because you are possibly gonna bump into them during breakfast/lunch/dinner and swim time.

the inviting doors that says “hello angel, youre home”

we had a special premier room. if you noticed, some of the houses/rooms does not have a roof-top on top in the picture above. our room was one of them without the roop-top because….

we had a stairway to heaven :p

ok we had a personal roof-top. it’s good for parties and big gatherings. very spacious, but nothing decorated or anything. just space. good for suntanning if you don’t wanna be by the pool (but i see no reason why you wouldn’t be by the pool)

view from the roof top

view from the roof top

we also had our personal balcony

a huge-ass king size bed + a lazy afternoon nap sofa which M ttly made good use of it

our huge ass toilet. love the lightings. but the shower floor was kinda dirty and stained. just don’t look down, everything else was perfect.

cute concept of hanging towels

rain shower which i got to use cos’ it doesn’t work with heater and i was freezing!

our walkway

no idea how to use this water point -.-

finally, the main star of the trip. the pool & the sun.

quite a view huh?

baking time!

what a candid photo. because i was trying to get a good shot so i asked M to go in the water but she kept whining about how cold it is, and i was like “DOWNNNNNN” then she screamed when she went in cos’ it was so cold. so when i set the timing right, i dipped into the pool and OH MY GOODNESS it was so so cold. M was laughing at me for having my instant karma and i couldn’t settle down in time for 10s timer :/

thats the time we started to pay our debts. sleep debts.

interior of the resort. nothing much. don’t know why they have a portrait to promote ciggies.

lunch time

the “we-are-freaking-rich-so-we-are-gonna-order-anything-or-EVERYTHING” face

the damn awesome dessert which was the best among all? and maybe gado gado was good too.

but ok we were very sad after our lunch. rupiahs are deceiving and we must be v tired to think we were rich! so we spent a bomb during lunch :/ ended up pretty poor and ripped off.

back to the pool to drown our sorrows

one thing about their country, they are very man-labour based. if you look carefully, there is a man on that tall palm tree. he didn’t use any machine or harness to get up there. he practically climbed with his bare hands like a monkey!

beautiful sky

the lady with a too small bikini bottom & too much pubic hair which shocked the shit out of me. thats the talk for our dinner when we bump into her again.

the hut i fell into a deep long afternoon nap and missed happy hour/sunset -.-

the view’s too good… seabreeze’s too good…. God is good….

hey sexy lady

so when i woke up, i was disappointed to see how dark it was…

decided to settle for a good dinner at jap restaurant they had. everywhere was practically empty.

romantic ah

i rly liked the dessert!

then we walked around and visited their ‘yacht club’ or smth

guess who.

so yeap, you get the idea of how empty the resort was to be bumping into the same people the whole day. well, we cld make new friends if they were of our age/same interests.. but ney nobody.

night time!

M had assignments to do so while she cracks her brain…. i did something to my face

some mud mask!

when i got out from the shower… i found this -.-

the only person i think who made used of her sleeping trip to the fullest!


the whole trip was only dog whisperer keeping us entertained!


a normal breakfast buffet

my favourite part of breakfast!

sultana raisins luvluv

crispy croissants

took a walk

from the stilts

i like the marble texture of the rock

and there was a hugeeee bee that stood us up and made us miss our long-awaited view from the boathouse. i don’t wanna be sting again in my ear twice like i did at krabi ):

so yea, can’t take photo at the boathouse so might as well take a picture here.

found these scary looking thing which i learnt was some shell food that i ate at golden mile. but they were really crawling w their shell which gave me major goosebumps!!!

more of some weird creatures

water’s pretty clear to be able to see the fishes inside

and travelling with me can never go wrong! (; i always have some food bags to bring along incase we needed to pack some food for emergency haha

the colour of the pool looks really calm

camwhore time while M falls into some sleep spell

another guy couple who checked-in tgt w us

the sun was different from singapore. it was BLAZING HOT. i tell you my sunburns weren’t anything i felt before in my life.

the tan looks pretty good but the following 4 days was a torture for me moving, sleeping and wearing clothes or even undergarments ): my skin was cooked except my face since my face can’t afford any UV rays entering it after spending so much kachinggg (investment) on skincare products :/

kitty kat we met at our ferry terminal before returning. our packed breakfast served the kittykat well (:

went home to an empty home on my birthday. pretty sucky but it’s okay. running man was the best birthday present to myself that kept me up the whole night……. haha ok. if you’re interested in this little getaway, you shld check out the deals online as they often have cheap rates!

so birthday shit aside, i’ve got smth to look forward to before 2012 ends! :D:D:D:D JUST BOOKED TAIWAN TICKETS FOR YEAR END YAY. spending my countdown at Taiwan this year! unlike every other year…. actually for the past 2 years, i think left hongkong on the 31st and reach sg just before midnight to count down with the clique (and got drunk real bad…………. cos we were too tired from the flight) haha memories. but i guess smth different this year would be nice! i can’t wait!

PS. if you do have any travel tips or good hotel recommendation for taiwan, please comment/email me. i’m trying so hard to plan the itinerary.

much love xx


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