27.11.12 / rain rain go away

love leopard prints, idk why. (don’t judge me!)

honestly, if someone were to ask me what is my fashion style, i really do not have an answer for them. i do not know it myself. i know some of my friends love floral, lace and all. some loves threadless tshirts and shorts, some prefer ‘the scene’ kinda artsy fartsy look, some do retro, some do maxi… well, i do them all actually. so i think i really do not have a particular fashion style cos’ i wear them all. is that right to say?

i’m so bad at fashion sometimes. i wished i knew it better than food, but it’s the opposite now. food calories, i know best. it’s comin’ to the end of november and its been one hell of a tiring month. i can’t even rmb anything special that happened. december will bring good though (; i’m excited cos’ my flights for taiwan are booked! spending new year countdown overseas for the first time, i’m really excited about it. and it’s about time W and i go on a good holiday again. this year we bombed our pockets having two major trips, australia and upcoming taiwan. we usually do like phuket or bali in the beginning of the year then a good hongkong at the end. it’s alright, 2012 will be special (:

i dread school. my results have yet to be released but i think i might cry when i see it. sigh. i really hate studying. i hate school so much. never thought i would be complaining about this when i’m 22. i know the woes of work sucks even more, but you know, whatever sucks when youre not doing what you enjoy. at least for singapore, that is what happens to everyone.

in the recent article, someone said singaporeans are emotionless? damn. and a tweet from tommy wee, made me laughed. it said smth like ‘whoever said singaporeans are emotionless, haven’t cut the queue of a singaporean’. true much. try cutting a queue and you will see the colours all over singaporean’s faces. i don’t think we singaporeans do not have any emotions. we are too busy trying to survive here… all we feel is stress, money, poor, competitive, not-good-enough. at least that’s what i feel about our society. it’s non-stop fighting to live in your own country.

raining day, i shall stop ranting about such political sad stuff. gna head out for some good dinner now before i get back to my sitex data entry ): boo…. this whole week is another work week. kaching kaching kaching~



One comment

  1. You love leo prints because they look good on tanned skin. They look good on tanned skin because the pattern creates a rhythm for the eye that a mono-coloured dress will not allow. Unlike sliding over your body in a mono-coloured dress, with the print the eye lingers and dashes to and fro from spec to spec – and this creates all sorts of illusions (for the viewer). Shall I add that most associations are bound to be filled with erotisim without offending you? )) That’s the neuropsychological point of view )))

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