28.11.12 / life of a 22 years old

when you’re 22, you learnt that birthdays aren’t a big hoo-ha anymore. who cares if you have a cake or not when money, career and success holds your future. without money, you can’t live comfortably. you can’t owe a house, a car, eat luxury food and go out to shop whenever you like. the peak hole for life of a 22 is a big change.

when you are 22, you are exposed to many things in life. you know what ethics are, exposed to political views, the kind of self-image you need to portray, the reputation you need to fix or maintain, a certain kind of friends you odd to keep or forget, learn how to manage your finances, know what is insurance and savings plan, meet people that tries to cheat the young mind of yours, understand what COE means, be exposed to housing evaluation and loan, face inflation with a real fight, realize that $6/hr is not enough anymore. (le sigh!)

…… wow. right. i’m blown away by whatever i typed that holds an adult responsibility. but wait, i’m an adult already? i wonder if it’s normal for every 22 to still feel like a kid and want to run to momma for pocket money and ask question like, “can we not watch the parliament talk and switch channel to MTV?” i’m afraid there’s no mama to run to anymore. at least for me, being 22 is actually the start of me not receiving a cake on my birthday + no more pocket money. it is a big struggle for the start. not forgetting now that i have got a house to worry about.

met my two good friends who kinda grew up with me the past 5 years (the time/peak of my life!) and i realized, whenever we meet up, it’s about life. like hw we used to ask each other “how’s life” when we were 17 is the same question we ask now at 22 but that sentence holds a deeper meaning and greater responsibility. when we were 17, “how’s life?” means – what are you up to lately? who is your current fling/girlfriend/boyfriend? what’s happening? who are you happening with? …. but at 22 onwards, “how’s life?” means what are you doing with your life now? what degree are you taking? what is your job scope? are you getting married? have you found a boyfriend?

it is scary to see life speeds. in a blink of an eye, we will be 35 facing mid-life crisis, talking about having kids, education for kids, investment, property and marriage life. i don’t know about others but for myself, my life have been crafted out mirroring a typical perfect lady who will get married to a man who loves me alot, move into our own apartment and find a job that i love. it seems to perfect for now, like a scene in a movie and most prolly, i’d star in a clumsy lead actress role where jennifer aniston will start having problem with her job, forget this, forget that, running to work late with spilled coffee over my blouse, finding a cockroach at home and not knowing how to kill it, watching my friends have their babies in the trolleys and wonder if i can stand having my own baby crying 24/7 and lastly, having my husband persuade me to have a baby or maybe just to get away from work commitments for awhile. ha-ha, i’ve got a wild imagination running(!) i know i know, it wouldn’t be so dramatic (i hope).

well, life surprises me all the time. hence my mind is constantly on the go, thinking, so that i wouldn’t be caught off-guard if life decides to prank me. oh, another thing, does anyone believe in horoscope? i know when i was younger, i would reply an obvious “NO, OF COURSE NOT” cos’ i thought it was superstitious or smth but recently, i’ve been reading and it seems to be getting pretty accurate (scarily) and i question who actually created horoscope and how did they derive the readings that are so freakingly awesome?!!?! (i’m a scorpio and i rly think it’s one of the worst signs ever) i think i never want my kid to be a scorpian like me if not the whole house might be stung upside down. extremist. revengeful. build walls arnd us. defensive. secretive. everything about me is a puzzle, even i, myself can’t crack me! (on a brighter note, we’re loyal and we will treat you well if you are sincere in understanding us)

okkk i should get to bed now. almost 3am and i’ve got work tomorrow. the new paper is coming to loan some sunnies? i really wished i could work in a newspaper/magazine industry after i graduate. if anyone have got networks, please email me (or leave a comment!) would be rly interested to do internships too!

gute nacht! x


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