05.12.12 / calendar girls

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. ~ Winston Churchill

countdown list:

3 days to maybelle’s birthday

9 days to mattybff’s birthday

10 days to sailorboy’s birthday

19 days to hallourps xmas party(!!)

20 days to xmas(!)

21 days to TAIWAN(!!!!!!!!!)

29 days to being back to reality(sucks)

tht sums up my december to come. i’m excited for every event to come! i’ve been busy working, if not doing nothing. i figured i better learn how to treasure my holidays before school starts and i start swearing every freaking day. results were out a few days ago and honestly, i thought i’d flunk my semester cos’ it seems tougher and tougher each sem. butt hey hey hey! i passed all 😀 not great scores, but as long i’m not re-taking any, it’s time to celebrate! my econs took me by surprise. yknow how i always whine and cry over not understand macroecons, i rly thought i was gonna fail AGAIN – the feeling of sitting at the exam hall, doing the paper with question marks over my head and knowin’ i was gonna fail was prolly one of the worst feeling university ever gave me. but thank God, and i rly mean it, thank you God for the great passes You have given me (: it’s definitely not by my own works, cos’ it would have been impossible.

sheeshhhh my draw for secret santa is ……. what should i get? i have no idea where to start for gifts. haven’t been shopping for the longest time cos’ i’m going through the recession diet, even my food are being downgraded. maybe a cigar? haha. damn its hard. i wonder who’s my secret santa. i hope i get a pink car with white leather seat. heh heh. kidding. maybe i need a dr dre earphone but that is out of budget. i would love dr marts pink boots (for the longest time) too – but out of budget too. aiyah, a nice dress will be nice or a pink pouch for my nikon camera (just because i lost my receipt to claim the free pink leather pouch aye).

just maybe i should get a blown-up doll as my secret santa gift HAHA i srsly need some inspiration.

ps. i need a plan on 23rd dec. a better reason for me not to put my schedule down for work since sailorboy is away.

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