05.12.12 / SCM2012

yay, so i conquered my 2nd 10km run. didn’t really like the route for standard chartered, it was rly boring and the goodie bag sucked for sucha high price we paid. ohwels, it’ll be my last. i’m lookin’ forward to run for the other marathons next year! 😀 but i know i suck in running, but its only a marathon that can push me to run.

my first run was the singtel 5km run. it was easy peasy (; HAHAHA kidding. but it was quite a breeze since i was busy cutting people’s line and hardly even stop. my second one was not too long ago if you saw my photo from nike we run sg! that was my very first 10km and i think i did pretty well! however, for SCM i didn’t run as hard as i could. prolly blaming it on the alcohol at timbre the night before… i was feeling fatique throughout the whole marathon! ): so i practically brisk walk most of the time. i came in about 6-7 minutes slower than my nike run. damn. never mind, i’ll try harder for the next run!

and i h8 my SCM run for not taking solo photos of me! sigh. i learnt my lesson. not to compete w everyone at the finishing line and make sure i have space around me for the camera man to find me. damnit, my photos are only group shot with this tall man blocking me. future marathons, i’m gonna make sure my face and body is clearly seen and stay 100m away from anyone haha.

hehehe. run for SCM, checked! next to come, zoo run & nike bff run!!!

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