10.12.12 / reality in singapore

ok, so my sunday wasn’t as exciting as my saturday. i spent my whole day running in and out of the toilet, having my stomach churning the whole day and 1 minute after consuming any meal/food items, the food will find itself down in the toilet bowl – as if my throat has a straight pipe linked to my anus. i hate alcohol diarrhea. it always happens to me the day after drinking and i need a cure zzzzzzzz.

ytd was m’s birthday!!! it was awesome. headed over mbs and had a couple of drinks before avalon. stayed till 5am, talking and catching up. good times. it was nice meeting her uni friends too! they were friendly and nice. haha. really easy to talk to. oh plus, nothing else is even better catching up with secondary school friends. SAC talks will never go wrong.

so this is the pretty birthday girl, at avalon

SAC girls ❤

and my present to her – only cos she likes trophies/medals – cos’ she didn’t receive enough in secondary school HAHA.

see her exploding joy

meet my friend laura, she makes really good cupcakes(!!) we have a long friendship history down to my first job at fullerton hotel at 16. HAHA. her place was our hangout corner after work, for movies and she even threw a surprise birthday party at her house for my 16. best ever, i’ll nv forget!

all the pretty ladies (;

WGF. haha.

she had a good big room at mbs for her birthday. i’m secretly vvvvv excited to stay in mbs and you’ll know why next time (in a week or so hehehehehe) well, although i’ve been rly broke, you have to unwind sometimes on special occasions and try to live like a proper human being.

i have to confess smth i h8 abt mbs which is to get there by train. oh my gawd. srsly so damn tedious and confusing! the mrt station sucks at telling you which train to board on the circle line when you are at promenade. they put two arrows showing -> dhoby ghaut, -> marina bay ON THE SAME SIGNBOARD. so sailorboy and i actually took close to an hour from promenade to bayfront (even thou it’s just one stop away and it is supposed to be fast) we ended up at esplanade because we ran to the wrong train. smrt sucks, create circle line, hire so many foreigners but don’t know how to put your signboards up properly. a singaporean can do it better (if it was a singaporean, i’m sorry but really, you need to change that signboard and put yourselves in a tourist shoe)

i must have so many complaints about singapore and smrt due to its recent limelight on the news. firstly, i’m so happy they ceased the “trials” for chinese translation of every mrt station names. SRSLY? after so many donkey years you’re trying to say we, singaporeans, do not know our mrt stations? oh wait. maybe you know the fact that there has been a recent increase in mainland chinese foreigners, so is this just for them? how about our malay and indian friends? so much for being a multi-racial country. so good job for realizing that those translations are useless cos’ it only shows your biasness and it’s only for the chinese nationals to listen but half the time, they speak so damn loud, they can’t even hear your speaker. ok next, i just wanna say i really hate how we singaporeans are gonna be paying higher transport fares JUST SO YOU CAN PAY THE DRIVERS HIGHER SALARY?!?!?!?! whutttt. you must be kidding. just because they threw tantrums up on the cranes/don’t wanna show up for work, we, citizens who did nothing but obeyed all your rules and paid high COE/high food prices, must now obey and pay higher bus fares so those territor-izing foreigners get higher salary? this is shit.

i h8 reading news nowadays cos’ it makes it harder for me to breathe and live in my own (not proud to say) country. it’s never fair for a singaporean who lives in singapore. but if you’re a foreigner, i would recommend singapore for your destination because everything works out well for you. if you are singaporean, either 1) marry a foreigner and migrate elsewhere or 2) study overseas and throw tantrums about coming back so you can apply PR there 3) work all your life to pay off your COE for car & 99 yrs of shoebox house which both will never belong to you.

reality sucks. it is indeed harsh for us here. everything needs money, even when it has nothing to do with you. not sure what kind of reality is that. it feels more like a nightmare. okay sorry if you’re reading this for the first time because i need to rant after reading some news articles on yahoo and facebook. OH OH i found a book in singapore called “SINGAPORE SUCKS” (HAHAHAHAHA i’m not kidding, google or facebook it) i really laughed out loud when i saw the book title. not very sure what it is all about but the title says it out. i can’t wait to find a copy at kinokuniya. maybe i’ll get it tomorrow at work and i’ll let you guys know how the book is. it might be funny/depressing at the same time to read how the book talks about your sucky reality.

alright, time to hit the bed. still v worried about my alcohol shit. read an interesting fact for people w insomnia like me:

things to avoid before bedtime

1) long baths

2) using laptop in the dark

3) carb cramps (!!!! SO ME!!)

4) don’t search for missing items

5) avoid arguements

hahaha i’m guilty of ALL especially number 3. oh my gawd. it says that

“Eating big starchy meals before bedtime puts strain on your digestive system and can leave you feeling bloated. Research has shown that a full tum can stimulate brain waves that result in nightmares, so steer clear of big meals two hours before bedtime.”

no wonder i always have nightmares and weird ones. like they are long-lasting and sometimes, even make me miss my alarm clock.

so make sure you won’t be a night-monster victim like me! (; goodnight for now



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