Mayans… It’s Awkward

21.12.12 everyone said the world was gonna end. i was wonderin’ if i went to bed last night, will i wake up in heaven? will i wake up to see my loved ones around with and will i see God?

apparently not. i woke up late for work.

i’m still on earth, everyone’s still alive like me. i’m actually rly happy to be alive. but then again, i was asking my workmate, what if the world ends when we are at work? that’s rlyyyy gonna suck!! ); let’s just hope the mayan predictions are just gna be a way of reuniting the whole world to talk & wait on a common topic.


so whaaadapp this december? it’s fantabulous so far! i rly love december. birthdays, celebrations, weddings and christmas. love is in the air~ whenever i feel like celebrating, my mind will drift to the sad people on this planet: the families of victims from the connecticut shootout, it’s christmas and their kids/loved ones left so suddenly when they were planning for xmas. also, to the navy guy who lost his limbs during on of the accident on the ship. my heart goes out to them. i pray they get the peace and serenity in their soul.

my december so far started off with birthdays. indeed. m’s birthday, i photobombed the previous entry.

this was one of the navy officer’s gathering at brewerks. when patrick and the australian navy came over to singapore for a stop. was listening to patrick’s story about the good life of australian sailors, damn i feel bad for sailorwilly. a singaporean sailor is either rich & dirty, or poor & honest. but it was nice meeting patrick again, since the last time i saw him was years ago, drunk and bruised at the club (HAHA)

I’ll be back with photo bomb. Promiseeee.

I’m on the way for a Christmas brunch with my best friend. Antoinette! X

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