26.12.12 / with love from Taiwan


goodbye Singapore


excited for our annual year-end trip πŸ™‚ my first time visiting Taiwan


arriving at taoyuan international airport. had to change many buses and train to get to my day 1 destination.


yay, our destination! taroko national park. the view is awesome, too awesome!


first meal in taiwan, it’s beef noodles! nomnomnom


the beautiful view where I am now. my apologies, I got better photos on my camera. my iPad sucks 😦 i want the new iPad! but I guess you get the hint of my view.


just an hour ago, we decided to soak into the hot jacuzzi at 40.2degrees (hothothothotttttt!!!) in my bikini. I had doubts about swimming during the night at the outdoor pool because it was colder at night but surprisingly, I survived. my great love for hot baths paid off πŸ˜‰ then we wrapped up in bathrobes and gathered at the campfire nearby for some aboriginal singers and singalong! it was rly nice, cozy, homely and special. smth you can never find yourself doing in Singapore other than school camps because it is too hot. you rather gather at the shopping mall with friends, yea?


hiiiiii everyone! greetings from Taiwan. hahaha I’m loving my trip cos for the first time, I’m getting a good coverage of wifi to upload my photos on instagram or Facebook and what’s best is I am able to photobomb and write here too!

day 1 down. w and I are both dead tired. we had fun exploring the places near our hotel. we are staying at the famous taroko national park! i love staying around the mountains and rivers. it is so peaceful and calm. we did some climbing of steep stairs to the highest point at the temple this afternoon πŸ™‚ i love learning more about other religions and sometimes cant help to wonder if at the end of the day, we are all praying to the same God? oh we had fun climbing and sliding on rocks and sand too! did smth with pebbles hehe you will only see it when I come back and upload photos from my camera!

we are gonna have another long day tomorrow. I’m really excited and I hope my trip wouldn’t end!!! one thing about Taiwan is the traveling that is tiring. both of us are so shagged out, we are watching tv and I find myself dozing off while writing this and dropping my iPad from time to time and for Sailorboy, he already found his sweet dream tonight πŸ™‚

I guess it’s goodnight for now.
sorry for the little (and lousy quality) photos cos I seldom take photos with my iPad.

lots of love from Taiwan,


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