2013 (whoopwhoop!!!)

hello there! isn’t it fast, it’s 2013 and we are still alive! how lucky and blessed we must be 🙂

was away from my shitass tiny shell, busy enjoying myself in Taiwan. i must say i’m experiencing some post-lovesick-imissyoutaiwanvacation syndrome. taiwan was awesome. it was cold, cooling, nice, yummy food, many yum yum street food, cheap fresh juicy fruits, awesome steamboat, ma la spicy steamboat + cold weather = sexxxxx, dogs everywhere on the streets and even food places, fashion upssss, cheap shopping, damn freaking cheap shopping….. aww i just miss taiwan. well, ok honestly, i don’t feel like crying though i miss it, unlike the previous gold coast australia trip. it felt like i was forced to leave my ‘dream’ home (australia) to return to my REALITY HOME (sg). taiwan, it was nice to be there. it was like a time to pamper myself but i can’t imagine staying there forever actually. my biggest two problem about taiwan is the language and toilets! i know on the language part, it’s my bad. i rly dreamed to speak like a taiwanese. so nice, so fluent… why can’t i just get it?! teach me somebody! and for the toilet issue, yes it’s really hard to find a decent toilet around 😦 i hate hate HATEEEEE squatting toilet but i guess everyone else prefer squatting. in the toilet, out of 20 cubicles, only 2 are normal sitting toilets. ok if you think i sit on the bowl, nah i don’t. it’s dirty. but i do half squats everytime, even in singapore. i don’t wanna get any pus or any germs on my baby bum. but i still don’t know how to squat and pee. its weird. haha. so i was the only one faithfully waiting and queuing for the sitting toilet while everyone was fast and furious entering/leaving their squat cubicles.
one of my pet peeves.

i’ll fill you up with my taiwan bits next time. it’s monday bluueeeesss…. trying not to feel bitter about it by carrying my new porter bag to work!  (hehehehe so proud so proud loveee it!!!) back to reality, sailorboy’s back at the sea sailing. this 2013, i won’t be seeing much of him since he will be away for 6 weeks in the late feb to april… and another 3 weeks in brunei when he comes back? i can’t count how many dreadful days he would be away for…. sigh. life of a sailor and his girlfriend. i guess i’ll just focus on studying, school and yknow what? i suddenly thought of joining a new cca! what should i join? i really have no campus life and i’m so bored being a hermit crab.

last checked my bbm, we realized we have been seeing each other since christmas day till yesterday before he set sail. that’s a whooooppping long time together! (: talkin’ about christmas, we had an bamfastic time with hallourps! i guess i shall let the photos do the talking hehehehehe

NOTE: Not PG friendly eh

OOTD Reindeer 1

OOTD Reindeer 2

the before party

our male stripper

our taiwan groupies

great food from everyone’s speciality… including someone who knows ronald mcdonalds


then the party begins….

our very yummy log cake from narene (thankyouuuu!!!!)

love xh’s classic old school pjs

flash flash flash

and a performance by my baby. “angel” by shaggy – our song (;

i must say i love him doing this. i think it must be one of the charm points i got attracted to.

male stripper 2 who forgot his nipple sticker

gang rape

narene gets the last bit!

he likes it in the end

then it was secret santa time!!!!!

ok the funny thing was i was my own boyfriend’s secret santa. haha. it was damn hard hiding it from him… the moment i saw his name, i was like “shit. seriously…” not an easy task after i tried to hide the birthday surprise from him. but in the end, i’m glad i was his. it was effort paid off!

owen’s present

bel’s bag!

and some love

narene’s requested present

yay mine was requested too

it had to be tohpig

sailorboy’s “fake” first present from me. a cigar. haha. and i asked my brother to copy the words on the paper so that the handwriting would come out like a guy’s (quite ugly) and the tone and choice of words i purposely had to pretend i was a dude “merry christmas bro! here’s a stick, i’m sure vicky allows an occasion stick right?”

then the real present hehe

fred perry bag!

taufiq’s hysterical laugh!

and that’s the end of photobomb…. cos’ i really couldn’t remember where my camera went to after.

it was an awesome christmas party and a really successful one! cheers to the awesome food that some of them prepared, cute pjs, played circle of death which has that annoying rhyming game i hate the most, drinking laughing drunking sleeping and livin’ like it’s the last day on earth. there is nowhere else we can find some simple joy in a party (:

now that christmas is over, i’m preparing my new year resolutions. well, i already made/promised some verbally on new years day itself. i wouldn’t forget them….



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