15.01.13 / oh sweet cupcakes

back to school in 12 hours.

2013, new year, new friends, new semester, new grades (!!!) haha. i’m not excited, neither am i dampened or sad about school. i loved my holidays, it was the best! i don’t know why but every holiday break seems to get better each time. i need to get back to school to start working/using my brain. it must be rusty from all the taiwan food and shopping and lazing around. i’m pretty much starting anew this semester. don’t know anyone in the same lecture as me, i have to be alert in class incase i miss out on important announcements. new year resolution for this year is to attend every class. it is do-able! i’m gonna graduate and i cannot.freaking.wait.ya.

i know the working world sucks. but i guess the reason for my excitement is to have the power of spending i will have when i start having a real job + helping my poor sailorboy lighten his financial burden. having to feed me is not easy, i know. i am so appreciative and grateful for him. if not for him, i wouldn’t be the chubby and happy fatty i am today (;

motivation for my studies ——–> GRADUATE GRADUATE GRADUATE

alright. goodnight. smth new for 2013, i’m hitching a ride to school from a stranger i’m gonna meet in 10 hours. (hmmmm i feel 17 again)


oh oh, i have been too bored recently, i started to play with my wardrobe and started out Vicky’s Closet.

i don’t really know what it is yet, maybe a photoblog, shots of my ootd and i’m definitely selling my clothes!!! so whatever that is already posted, well, you can comment or email me for prices. including sunglasses, bags, shoes, whatever that is on me. yeap, please support me (: i need to make space in my wardrobe, especially when i’m gonna move house. i need to carry lesser hehe so do bookmark http://vickycloset.blogspot.sg and support me!

that’s all. kbye.


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