20.1.13 How To Get Engaged in 2013


Just came across a thoughtcatalog which made me laugh my head off:


How To Get Engaged in 2013


RAPHAEL9X9: you got a second babe?
MARIA85: lol yeah, what’s up?
MARIA85: i’m at work though so it has to be quick
RAPHAEL9X9: lol, np

raphael9X9 is typing

RAPHAEL9X9: i was thinking about what you said last night about finding someone that was really special, that you could spend your whole life with…
MARIA85: oh my god!!!
RAPHAEL9X9: and, um, I was thinking…
MARIA85: yes…?
RAPHAEL9X9: *getting down on one knee*
MARIA85: i can’t breathe, this is so exciting!!!!
RAPHAEL9X9: *pulling out a gorgeous tiffany’s ring*
MARIA85: oh, it’s so beautiful.

raphael9X9 is typing

RAPHAEL9X9: will you marry me Maria?
MARIA85: yes, yes, a thousand times yes! 😀
RAPHAEL9X9: *slipping ring on your finger*
MARIA85: it’s such a gorgeous ring baby.
RAPHAEL9X9: i was saving for years to get it.

maria85 is typing

MARIA85: :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) i’m so happy right now!
RAPHAEL9X9: me too babe. i was worried you weren’t going to say yes! smh at my crippling self-doubt
MARIA85: lol of course i was going to say yes! you’re my dream boy ❤
MARIA85: wait, I need to sign off for two secs
RAPHAEL9X9: why?
MARIA85: I have to snapchat this to my mom! aagghh, so excited for the rest of my life with you!!



hahahahahahaahahahahahaha seriously funny. it’s scary and yet funny how times has change so much that even proposing to your girlfriend can be on the virtual world. it’s a no-no for me!!!! I’ll be “shut up, don’t ask me now or i’ll kill you”. i prefer the traditional boring way. what if my blackberry suddenly decides to die on me? I wouldn’t have any physical memory of that text/whatsapp chat of your proposal…… *stabs myself*

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