21.1.13 + my little kitties


wearing my little kitties out for the first time today. lovin’ it.

but because the weather has been so unpredictable, i brought along my wellingtons incase it decides to pour on me. my kitty kats are not waterproof. especially the inside, it’s so purrry furry! ^^

in love with my new kitties.

but they are some furry angsty kitties, they bit me on the back of my feet… ouch.

i’m going home with bad blisters tonight. but it’s ok, cos’ i love my kitty kats.




    1. hi there! i’m not very sure of any online sites that sells this at the moment. but i might bring it in on my online shop in the future so you can stay tuned! not very sure if Aussie will have that by then! Sorry, wasn’t very helpful ):

  1. I’m so jealous πŸ™‚
    Taylor Swift has those and I’d adore a pair too haha.
    Like the girl above, I am fron australia but I know you can get them from revolve clothing!!
    xx Karen
    ps: excited new follower πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Karen πŸ™‚ Thank you for your lovely comment! Yes, Taylor Swift has them and I’m in love with my pair of kitties. Did you get yours from revolve clothing? I hope you did, cos’ every girl should have such spoils πŸ˜€

      Nice meeting you & thanks for following me!


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