breakfast at Max Brenner’s on friday

imagine having vanilla ice cream and chocolate fondue and suckao for breakfast…

definitely not a weekly/daily basis. how fat-the-ning(!) but it was a special week. my bff matthew came back to visit. though it was a silly short 3 days, we made full use of his visit here. it’s my first time trying suckao. how interesting, mixing milk and chocolate on a fondue thingy. i was v fascinated by the spoon that has a straw function at the top. yumyumyum.

the things that chocolate does to you….

my brother…… hahaha kidding.

morning faces. it’s the only time i wake up early for someone. only for matt.

it’s funny how everyone gets so afraid when it comes to waking me up because they say i’d sleep through a bomb or explosion. well, it USED to be true but i’m alot better now that i’m in university and i get plenty of rest so i seldom get to use my energy at all. last time when i was such a sleepyhead, it was during polytechnic when i had to travel frm one end of singapore to the other just to get to school and i return from school really late after rugby trainings. hence, my sleep was TOO DEEP to find me.

and after max brenner’s, we went for MORE food after picking up ter.

this is joo chiat’s popular shiok BAK KUT TEH and sesame chicken (mai you ji).

if you’re tourist, i suggest this is one of the food items you have to strike when you visit singapore.  you have to try. it’s pork meat with dark sauce or pepperish soup and you got to eat with the red chilli dipped with black sauce (as seen on the bottom left of the photo).  no regrets!

then we drove down to ice cream chef. that place gives me dejavu. used to hangout to much in the east when i was in high school. siglap, katong was my thang. same concept as cold rock ice cream, just more homemade flavours. loved the kaya!

and lastly, a feast at matt’s place before he fly off the next day.

i wished he would miss his flight, but not everyday is a sunday. haha, it happened once when i was in the car with him and it was 11.11pm so i told him to make a wish but he refused so i made a wish on his behalf and TRUE ENOUGH… it came true. he asked me what was it, i said “matt i hope you won’t go back” hahahahahahahaha damn this 11.11 works!!!

this was his FIRST departure the week before. he came back for 3 days then spent weekends at dubai before coming back again. damn, he has a passport that works like our bus ticket. good life this boy…

so yeap, that sums up my interesting week. i’ve been trying to lose weight since my return from taiwan cos’ i gained 3kg!?!?!?!? but yay i managed t be back to normal now. but not very sure after matt’s visit… i’m sure i gained some back. and i fell sick today :/ due to lack of sleep. my body has no stamina for less than 8 hours of sleep. just a day or two with less than the hours needed, i fall sick. sigh. another morning class tomorrow and a long day at work at haji lane.

ooh and eversince school started, i have been feeling really sad and stressed. this semester, as i said it is a brand new start because i’m going to class without friends or anyone i know. so having to find a group was hard but i managed to find awesome friends on the first week. i loved them! but rmit had to screw it up for me after we did our project layout and all by saying we needed team mates from same class and not different timings. sigh so i was really depressed for awhile. so i have been sharing my ups and downs with my best friend mab, and we went to church on sunday. i asked God to put me out of this whole situation and open doors for me that will not shut on me!  well, i always make little ‘talks’ or prayers to God, hoping he listens to at least one and fulfil my wish. but this time, it was serious and urgent! so i told God to hurry…

true enough. the next day, today, i went to school (though i was dying on the way to school) and sat alone as usual. lecturer talked about groups and i heaved a heavy sigh under my breath. met up with my new friend and we had lunch together with other new friends. i loved them! but suddenly someone chased after S and asked him if he had a group from her lecture and he pointed at me, saying i am in the same lecture as her but needs a new group due to the new system. so she asked for my number immediately and concluded that we were new team? (YAYYYYYY!!!!) hope was not lost, there was still hope! i was rly happy… and now, i just needed one more team for another module and i’ll be done. though i’m still praying for a better team in b2b module cos’ my team mates are neither here nor there.

God is good. whether you believe in God or not, there is this big guy behind the sky who watches over us and when we pull the red emergency handle, he takes over (:

goodnight all x happy week ahead!

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