31.1.13 / goodbye january

one of the most beautiful weddings i’ve ever attended

i love the sword barriers. maybe that’s the only reason i want sailorboy to stay in the navy until he marries me. it’s prolly a girl’s dream and not every girl gets this dream!

the bride’s gorgeous! i love this night gown, it’s really unique. one of the few i’ve ever seen that is so special.

the sailorboy and i, we seldom dress up formally unless it calls for such formality

the sailorboy has been sailing since yesterday and he’s coming back tomorrow night.

people always ask me, what do i do when he is away? well, i’m not a busy or complicated person. in fact, i’m pretty simple. i usually spend my time at home with my dog, eat at home unless a friend calls me to meet up for dinner… other than that, i’m usually just chilling at home. sometimes i might go out and do errands or maybe meet up friends who can hangout in the day. or other than staying home most of the time, i usually work part-time. haha. i work the most when he is away.

the sad thing is he is going for the longest sailing till date at the end of february. going away for 6 weeks to various places… sigh. but i’ve already planned whatever i could do during that point of time when he is uncontactable. i’m gonna start training and going back for summer touch league yay. it will keep me busy and drain off the excess energy i have. oh, and also help me fulfill more number of words needed to speak a day since we have to communicate alot during games and trainings. other than that, i’m gonna occupy myself with school, group projects and work work work! i’m gonna work my ass off…. damn. i’ve such an expensive ass (i just knew)

so yeap, i hope you guys know what boring things i’m up to when the boyfriend is sailing. well, how much more fun can a sailor’s girlfriend life be right? unless you’re those who fool around… i’ve passed that. too old for that (ha ha) i like my chill-out life. not everyone can just sit at home with your dog and read a book on a freaking weekday afternoon ya? (;

today marks the last of jan’13. time flies!!!

tgif is here! dance your night away everyone!



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