google image “pus in my eye”

so, i posted on my facebook status how happy i was when the growth in my eye SUDDENLY decided to drop out. so after it dropped out, i noticed the hole that it was actually “rooted” to, has some pus inside. so i thought my nightmare about surgery and all are over.

BUT just today, i woke up at 6.45am with pus covering my whole right eye. then i got worried cos’ i had a coaching class in the late morning. luckily, my eye wasn’t any serious then. but once i got home, i realized it has gotten redder and my eyes looks puffy :/ 

at night, i was playing with cody until i felt something poking my eyeball THEN i looked in the mirror. what the freak! this yellow ‘worm’ shape/size thing ON MY FREAKING EYEBALL. so i panicked. asked my mom to get me wet towel to clean my fingers before i try to take it out. 

this is how it looks like. 

this ON my raw pupil.

phew, it’s not any living object. not a worm so don’t worry. but I DONT KNOW what is that. ugh. i went to put the antibiotic infection lotion the doctor gave me 2 weeks back and once i put, more pus came out to the side of my eye. so till now, i’m still cleaning my eye.

sigh. i’ve decided to visit the doctor tomorrow. more money wasted. i’m so damn sad and angry with this stupid eye.

this is the photo of the “ball” growth that has been in my eye for 1 month and when i finally took it out, everything else happened.

no idea what’s going on man.

ugh and when i tried to ask google (our best doctors are from there nowadays), i tried to click on ‘images’ on how it might look like and compare with mine. HOLY COW. don’t don’t don’t click on images if your condition is scary. its a big regret. i found disgusting, TERRIBLE, EXAGGERATING photos of people. ok i typed “pus in eye” and i get DAMN bad bleeding and yellow pus in the whole eye….. pus and blood coming out of a vagina….. animal’s raw eyeball…… oh Lord, help me.

lesson learnt: when you need help, ask google. if you’re curious, never click “images”. just don’t be curious and read whatever google says. that’s all.

pray for the better.



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