bad food experience @ changi v

got some free time, thought i should share this and at the same time, take this opportunity to rant.


had dinner at changi village just now since my brother said it was finally open after the long renovations. changi village is one of my family’s favourite dining place. it’s like a ecp lagoon for the changi/pasir ris people where we can find our portion of zi char, seafood, stingrays, fried carrot cake, fried hokkien mee and all those fun cheat meals! so we were all pretty excited about it until smth spoilt my dinner experience.

we have got two ultimate favourite stalls in changi v – the popular chicken chop horfun + beef horfun.

so my mom went to order beef horfun for me while w went to get his chickenchop horfun. clearly, my mom ordered horfun for me cos’ i don’t eat rice. so when it was my mom’s turn to collect the food, the lady gave her rice and my mom said she ordered horfun but the lady told her that she heard rice, told my mom already cooked and ignored my mom’s presence after that. so my poor (easily pushed) mom came back to me at the table and told me they gave her rice when she ordered horfun and ignored her after she tried to ask them to change. so i got angry. i RLY H8 RICE.

i went to the stall owner and told her, “i don’t eat rice.” and she replied, “so?” —– WOAH WOAH WOAH. HELLO MRS, GET YOUR FACT RIGHT. I’m the customer. You’re the boss. I paid for my meal, I SHOULD get whatever I order. This is common sense.

that “so?” reply made me boiling angst, i felt like throwing my plate at her stall and ask her to suck on it. but no. i’m civilised so i told her, “SO you should give me horfun since i ordered horfun. i asked for horfun and i paid already but you give me rice.” she saw the very very black angry face i had, nobody dare to play with my boiling angst face(!!!!) so she mumbled in canto under her breath to my mom, “i heard you saying rice what, you said rice what. blahblahblah” — hey woman, i understand cantonese fyi. don’t think my mom is a push over means her daughter is the same. i’m the opposite!

so i stood there with crossed arms, watching her scrapped every beef and bittergourd on my plate off to a new plate and pour the sauce. i was upset with her reply. everyone at the stall queuing heard our convo, and clearly, this isn’t how you reply your customers.

so everyone, please take note. just sharing my experience. oh and btw, sad to say, the standard of the beef horfun isn’t fantastic anymore. go back to geylang and eat! (if you’re a fan like me, fan of beef horfun with bittergourd yums) there is only one store which sells beef horfun with bittergourd while another store that says Bedok beef horfun, but that one is different. it doesn’t have bittergourd. so yeap.


WHAT an ‘awesome’ end to my weekend.

“so so so, soya bean, soya bean… MR BEAN!!!” –  I should have replied that (hahaha! :p)


x brace up for the week ahead!


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