2013 New 5Cs to chase after


happy cny everyone!!! 

we all had our ups & downs in 2012 and hey, we have one thing to be thankful about! WE ARE STILL ALIVEEEE (yay!!) that hoo-ha about the world ending in 2012 was embarrassing and whatever it is, thank God i’m still able to write this entry and celebrate cny this year.

to welcome the new year 2013, i made a list of new year resolutions for myself. i realized, to expect a better year ahead, we need to plan ahead too and make goals. “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail” so a list of new year resolutions will be good to get you started and keep you going for the whole year!

i must say, so far so good, the two months of 2013 has been pretty fruitful. besides starting school, i had some problems at school regarding finding a team and then having to find a new team due to a strange last minute school rule. but yay, all’s good now. i’m v relieved :] also, i’ve been working hard… like finding every and (almost) any part-time jobs i can find and which is suitable for me. i don’t know, i figured out how hard it is to work for my own allowance. ugh. i eat so much, i always fantasize about owning a new f21 dress or a h&m skirt when i daydream, i get tempted when i see blogshops on my news feed, i need to be eating every few minutes or so if not i’ll get grumps. sigh. so i’m not a very low-maintenance person after all. but not in a materialistic or branded/sophisticated way.

so i’ve been earning my own bucks; i work at my little sunglass shop at haji lane, helped the lady upstairs my sunglass shop to tend her clothes shop once in awhile whenever she needs help to cover, recently also managed to get some little pocket money for writing blog entries for sunnies, just last friii gave out EX Magazine to working adults or males at UOB plaza (damn it kills some people to just take a freakkking FREE magazine. what is there to be so proud and snobbish about dude? well, you used to be like me when you were young before you reach that rich filthy state. geez don’t get some nasty business working people sometimes. it’s like everyone owes them a living! another story for another day) ,  gonna go for a ‘job interview’ this wednesday after all the cny food indulging and angpao celebration for a personal assistant job, and lastly, the most fruitful and best learning experience job i’ve clinched this 2013 is being a permanent coach for primary school kids – currently coaching at chongzheng pri school for touch rugby. well, that’s about it. haaa. have i been working hard enough? i rly don’t know.

i guess my definition of working hard enough is when i’ve enough in my pocket – it means, not having to eat cheap $2.50 fried beehoon with fishcake and trying to save on the few cents… if i wanna eat sushi, i buy it and eat it. definition of working hard enough is when i’ve enough for whatever i wanna have. of course, realistically. not big house and big BMW car, ney not there yet. so yea. my goal is by june, i’d have settled down with all these and finalize a few fruitful PT jobs that can feed me well. full stop.

i came across this interesting new read lately and i thought it will be good for everyone to know about it. the new 5Cs we should be chasing after. No more Condo, Cash, Car…blahblahblah…………\

have a good read & have a blessed cny with your family and loved ones and… all the yummy food! x


The new 5 Cs that we should all be chasing after

But, on their own, these 5 Cs won’t bring you long-term happiness.

I’d like to introduce you to the 5 Cs that will:

1. Compare less

The more we compare ourselves with others, the unhappier we become. There will always be someone who is:

  • Smarter than you
  • Richer than you
  • Luckier than you
  • Better-looking than you
  • More popular than you
  • More charismatic than you
  • More accomplished than you

You don’t benefit from comparing yourself with these people. The only person you should compare yourself with is you.

Are you wiser than you were a year ago? Kinder? More generous? More courageous?

If your answer is “no”, then it’s time to reflect and to commit to making real changes in your life.

2. Cherish what you have

Every expert on happiness will tell you that grateful people are happy people.

Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky, in her book The How of Happiness, describes from a scientific perspective why counting your blessings makes you happier.

Following Dr. Lyubomirsky’s advice, we should write down at least one thing we’re grateful for every day. That’s sure to make us happier.

By expressing gratitude, we’re not denying that some things in life aren’t ideal. We’re simply acknowledging that, in many ways, we’re blessed.

We can all become happier by making a conscious effort to cherish what we have: family, friends, religious freedom, food to eat, a safe country to live in.

3. Choose your attitude

I’ve heard a saying that goes, “Your attitude determines your altitude.”

Cheesy but true? I think so.

You can’t always choose your circumstances, but you can always choose your attitude.

Your boss gave you a difficult assignment? You can either see it as a problem or as a challenging opportunity.

Your project didn’t get off to a good start? You can either see it as a stumbling block or as a stepping-stone to future success.

Attitude is a choice, just like happiness is a choice.

4. Complain less

Complain—it’s something we all do. But whenever we complain, without also proposing an alternative, we’re being irresponsible.

Some people believe that it’s the citizens’ job to complain and the government’s job to provide solutions.

But this isn’t the right attitude. As a responsible citizen, if we oppose government policy, then we should also take the initiative to suggest a viable solution.

When we’re whining, nobody’s winning. So let’s complain less.

5. Change your circumstances and yourself

When things don’t go your way, it’s easy to feel frustrated, helpless or confused.

Any time you feel this way, ask yourself:

“What is one thing I can do right now to improve the situation?”

This is an empowering question, because it makes you realize that there’s always something productive you can do.


You just need to focus on the one action you can take immediately.

If you’re unhappy about your relationship with your boss, schedule a conversation with him or her.

If you’re unhappy about your salary, improve your skills, enroll in a course, find a mentor, or negotiate a pay increase. You could even start a business on the side.

There’s an endless list of things you could do to make your life better. If you’re not willing to do anything on that list, then you shouldn’t complain.

Instead of complaining, take action.

In closing…

Happiness isn’t just an emotion. It’s a choice—a daily one.

Finding real happiness takes dedication and determination, so it’s not for the fainthearted.

It’s time to embrace the new 5 Cs.

It’s time to build a happier life and a happier Singapore.

It’s time to get to work.


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