14.02.13 / cupid’s day

I wanna be crazy, I wanna be young, I wanna be crazy for you…



happy valentine’s day everyone!

is love in the air for you? i hope it is. nobody should celebrate vday sad and lonely. well, you may be single but not lonely (; those two up there are my valentine date(s). i spent my valentine’s morning with a class of 30 little monkeys learning how to play touch rugby. at the end of the lesson, they wished me “happy vday, coach vicky!” awwwhhhhh such events are so simple for little kids while we adults, put so much effort in just a day that cupid named valentine’s day. if you’re wondering what im doing today,well we adults, like me and W… he is busy with work, have some overseas relatives to host today.  so im just gonna bring his relatives around singapore and eat eat eat more food haha. maybe gardens by the bay, but its raining. (i h8 the rain!!!!)

anyway, i brought some love for you girls. shop@jellybeenie is just smth i decided to create to bring in very awesome chic pretty dresses, shoes and clothes from really good manufacturers. do check it out and gimme your support! i’m v in love w all of them hehe i hope you girls like it too! share, retweet, google+ them and help share among your friends!


so meantime, i hope you guys have already gotten over the cny food and holiday mood… (not me though) and i definitely gained some pounds from all that merry eating :/ as long as we are happy, they always say. haha. this year, i hear less of “vicky so big girl already….” – they prolly gotten over the fact that IM BIG. but this year, smth new…. “wah vicky you lost weight… why your face so long….” MY FACE IS LONG FOR A LONG LONG TIME OKKKKK. !@#$%^@!# i like my long face. hmph!

*sulky* so yea, i got a long face and relatives only blame them to the fact that i lost weight. and ps. i didnt rly lose weight. blahhhhhh

ok happy vday again! if youre bored and lonely, i suggest you learn a pizza dance, sing a song or write me a love letter, or just order pizza and eat.

lots of love, xx


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