27.2.13 / sailor sails, girlfriend waits

that’s my sailor, sailing off for MSTD 6 (longlonglong) weeks.

hmm this is prolly the longest sailing i’ve ever gone through with W since we were together. the previous record was 3 weeks when he sailed to taiwan. geez, that felt like forever. i wonder how this 6 weeks will be like. i hope it flies superdupersuperrrrr fast!

was brought around his ship before they set sail. honestly, i h8 farewells. not because i find no purpose in it, but i’m too emotional for such departures. just the slight thought of it can put me in tears which can lead to weeping. but thank God i wasn’t alone there but with W’s parents and his niece sarah. he showed us around… i wasn’t rly absorbing much because i felt so nauseous and claustrophobic in that narrow corridor and caved in low-ceilings rooms. but it’s ok, i explored his ship in the previous navy open house so yea. yay, this year’s open house my sailor officer will personally bring me around. such honour hehe (;


that’s the most gorgeous girls in our officer w’s cabin





haha so cute sarah


aye-ye captain! with the commander, w’s dad in hawaii flower prints top behind


ok guys, i’m auditioning for navy. please hire me. i look rly into my work!





it was very nice to see my boyfriend in his uniform, doing his work, being at his workplace, around his colleagues… i guess it’s one of my dream or should i say it would be a great pleasure to see him work. haha. you have no idea how much i like guys in uniform and no, i didn’t date him because he is a guy in uniform. it was coincidental. but yea, they look smart, charming, clean, neat, responsible and everything a guy should be. agree?

today is the day i have been dreading for the past half a year, after he revealed his news of sailing for MSTD. the day is FINALLY HERE. i couldn’t really bear to sleep the past weekend. just wanted to absorbed all our time tgt as much as i could. haha idk why, it’s not like we won’t see each other anymore. but you know that there will be a day within this 6 weeks when he is away where you will feel so terrible, lonely and miserable… that’s when i wanna pull out the memory of us.

so it’s day 1 now. i decided to go back to his place and stayover for the night since i’ve got an awful long early day at school and also, maybe because i might miss him most tonight… it could be the best or worst choice to be alone on our big bed. kinda quiet night for me i’d say. nobody to disturb, nobody tease me, nobody to sing a goodnight song tgt, nobody to talk to about our lives, nobody to kiss goodnight, nobody to cuddle to sleep. yea, it’s gonna be 42 nobodys’ for the next 6 weeks.

on a brighter note, absence makes the heart grow fonder. that’s right!

i’m already feeling it.

sweet dreams everyone.

sleep tight, my baby.



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