01.03.13 / does your new year resolution work out?

good morning everyone!

now, just for laughs cos it’s TGIFFFFFFFFFF

HAHAHA JUST FOR LAUGHS EVERYONE. isn’t it funny? aiyahhh okokkokkk boredom spells it all…. but it amused me and i even came up with a short convo in my head/.

“Look Mom! Is that a lion?” asks the kitten. 

“I don’t know… Looks like it….” replies Momma Cat

*Cody thinking* – “I’m just a dog dumbo… Now off the tv and lemme go back to sleep!”


for some reasons, i was lying in bed from 11pm last night and only dozed off at 330am but woke up at 8am this morning because of my liondog who barked for me to let him come in to sleep in my room when my mom leaves for work and plus the crazy drilling from the neighbours’, i couldn’t fall back to sleep. sounds like a horrible tiring grumpy morning aye? don’t worry for me though cos’ i’m still pretty happy and not-tired (yet!) haha.

only because… i had a phonecall slightly after 1030am and it says “Incoming Call: Baby’s Ship!!!” hahaha whoooop hello hello hellobaby! it is possibly the happiest thing i can ever look forward to for this 6 weeks to come. a phone call from your sailor, the only thing you get to hear/talk/cry/laugh/tell/whine to your love one. so maybe thats why i’m not grumpy that my ONLY day to sleep-in was ruin.

i was watching family outing recently to slow myself down from catching up with running man’s episodes. and i was at episode 52 when they had farewell. i didn’t really follow the show for every single episode but last night and this morning over breakfast, i was weeping over my bowl of fish soup noodles while watching the farewell. i wondered to myself, “what actually triggers someone to be so emotional?” some people are not emotional at all. they can take departures and farewells very coolly but for others, like me, just a slight 0.0001 trigger and my face and nose will turn red and salty water will be all over my face. so i wondered why. anyone knows the answer? please enlighten me!

another thing, i realized maybe a list of new year resolution doesn’t work for the year. it grows outdated in time to come… and we don’t follow them!

so i figured that i shouldn’t go dig for that list i wrote to force myself to be on-track. instead, i’m gonna create A LIST now and it is gonna be for a short period: 6 weeks. 42 days. maybe a shorter period of resolution might work and make it more relevant? lemme try.

#1. learn how to cook. a meal or two.

(muahahaha any scape goats?)

#2. eat alone at public places

(one of my greatest weakness which leads me to skipping my meals and getting gastric bleahhh)

#3. sew two pillow cushion

(just too lazy sometimes)

#4. clock at least 2 study hours everyday 


#5. do at least 45 minutes of NTC exercise everyday

(started yesterday…. it should work out. aim is to be fitter and toned in 6 weeks)

#6. sleep before 2am

(realistic enough)


phew! that sounded pretty down-to-earth right? instead of the typical ones like “don’t skip school… lose 10kg… don’t sleep so late…don’t use computer….” haha those are too vague for me and i never keep up to it.

how’s your own new year resolutions? did it work out unlike mine? if it didn’t work out, maybe you can try my way! it might work out good for you (:

time to bathe and head out to studyyyy (4 hours of studying tonight, TICKED!)

rmb to watchout for shopjellybeenie.blogspot.sg for some loooots!


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