02.03.13 / my lazy saturday

haha cute. that’s my saturday. slightly different from other saturdays when i’m at turf city under the blazing hot sun. but it’s alright, i get the luxury of sleeping in and just being a couch potato. haha. havin’ to spend time at home also means, my mom will feed me food non-stop. fattening days(!!!)

but no sweat, did i share with y’all the goal me and sailorboy made tgt? well, it is actually within this 6 weeks when he is away, we both will work our asses off! he will get time to gym and run in the mornings on his ship. for me, since i’m meeting him no more, i got a lot of free time so i’ll go to the gym or do NTC at home. Nike Training Club is my favourite whenever i’m too lazy to go to the gym or when it is raining. oh another good exercise at home would be my kinect! i got a gym trainer on my kinect, or the dance central that makes you dance your butt off. haha. but its hard to do kinect when my dog will start jumping and barking at me, thinking why is his owner doing weird actions towards the tv.

so despite missing an early morning of touch rugby, i managed to do a session of body flexor on NTC. a good 30 minutes is enough to make me pant and sweat like a dog. i was so sweaty, my dog kept licking my sweat off. (eeeewww he luvvs salt i guess) i try to do NTC everyday or once in two days. i think that’s good enough since i’m not going for a muscular body. i just wanna look lean and toned. i have been playing touch rugby for 3-4 years and amazingly when i stopped playing for a year due to my back injury, people actually told me i lost weight! maybe losing muscle can help me look slimmer haha. but ney, my stamina and my flabbiness….. (wobbles wobbles) is gross. so yeap, watch me grow (or lose it) these two months. I CAN DO IT!

what a lazy saturday. everytime i’m having a lazy day, time flies. i’ve been watching korean variety shows for the week and sadly, got rly hooked onto family outing. taking  a break from running man because i don’t wanna catch up with the latest episode and have to wait every week. i guess i’ve to learn how to appreciate doing all these. when my baby’s back, i won’t be able to do all these. not so much free alone time because i’d rather (love to) spend my time with him instead. it’s already so rare to see him when he goes off for sailing. i guess whatever phase i am at, i learnt how to appreciate it.

now, it is the “Vicky’s time”.

i was reading an article about couples and relationships today. came across this quote which i think i’d leave y’all with, to remember for now and for the future.

“if your partner or friend don’t bring out the best in you, you’re in the wrong relationship.”

true story everyone. been there, done that and i can say, i’m the bestest i can be now (:

happy weekends!


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