00:00 AM 4.03.13



all thanks to that stupid ock big football (huge fishball they call it) ya. i kept it aside for a few hours and ate it just awhile ago. now my stomach hurts so bad. i’m at w’s house and it was a nice coming back t my second home and seeing his family especially the kids. his dad was rly sweet. i called him before to ask if i cld get them dinner, he said no need. he bought extra packet for me cos’ he knew i was coming and just now he came in the room and told me he bought sin chow beehoon cos he knows i like it :} so touched!!

now i know where W got his sweet points from. like father, like son. it’s rly good (:

spent time talking to sarah and sean while we had our dinner together. the kids never amuse me with their never-ending stories. and it’s all very exciting most of the time! haha.  for the first time, i watched a chinese old movie on the tv… those that W love to watch whenever he is at home. but idk why i always end up playing ipad. today, i didn’t play ipad and succesfully watched the whole show till the end! it was an awesome show and i enjoyed it. mmmm can’t wait to tell W this hehe

so…… happy things aside. back to my FLATULENCE.

i googled how to relief or treat wind in the stomach/flatulence.

amazingly, i found rly useful stuff. i tried it and it worked! so i thought maybe i share it with you guys… you never know when it will be your turn feeling so shitty.

i found this acupressure thingy. i believe acupressure always work!

Objective: You need to press the acupressure point located 2 thumbwidth from your wrist.

The acupressure point is to relief congestion in the chest and stomach area. It also helps with travelling sickness.

First, lay out your right palm facing upwards. With your left thumb, place it width wise on your wrist as shown in the diagram below:

Then, move the thumb again so that you can identify the point 2 thumbwidth away. The diagram below show 2 thumbwidth away:

Press on the point located 2 thumbwidth away. You may want to move a little to your left or right because if you have got the correct point, you will feel a sharp pain. Hold it for about 10 seconds or more (till about 1 minute).  At the picture below, the point is being pressed hard by the thumb.

Then release and repeat on the other hand- you should always perform acupressure on both left and right hand (does not matter which hand you start with). You should be able to experience some relief after repeating twice on each hand.

There are several other acupressure points to relieve the bloated feeling on the stomach located at the ankle/knee and a point near the stomach area.


Gentle exercises can also aid gas relief. Yoga’s aptly named “wind removing pose” allows gas to escape, providing quick relief. Lie on your back and hug your right knee to your chest for 10 seconds. Repeat with your left leg, then with both legs at the same time. “Child’s pose” is also effective. Kneel on the ground with the tops of your feet as flat on the floor as possible, then sit back until your hips rest on your heels. Slowly tilt your body forward until your forehead is resting on the floor. Stretch your arms in front of your head.

Read more: Home Remedies for Stomach Cramps & Gas | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/way_5146942_home-remedies-stomach-cramps-gas.html#ixzz2MUfDYRQN

(PSSSST I’m in this weird position as i type this now.)


here’s a video for laughs to end it off

ok now im slowly burping and its good though i still feel slight pain, it shld be going off slowly. off to enjoy the big bed all t mahhh self.. it actually feels rly empty and lonely like someone is missing… but it does feel good to be back t somewhere familiar. and boohoo, monday tomorrow 😦 and i mixed up my driving dates for tmr and tues 😦 : ( 😦 gna have too much free time to waste. i shall study.



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