*Advertorial // anchor bracelet

PREORDERS are opened for these lovely bracelets!

it looks exactly like kiel james patrick bracelet which i’ve been going crazy over :p

SGD 29 here!

now that i saw this, it is much cheaper than those real ones but it can do if you don’t bother about brand.

now it is open for preorders till wednesday, 6th march!

if you’re interested, you can comment on the facebook page or email to shop.jellybeenie@gmail.com

please follow the format when you order and transactions MUST be made before you comment just so you can get the transaction number/reference number for us to verify and process your order. the account number to transfer your payment to is stated on the picture above.


due to the OVERWHELMING response for this bracelet, we do not keep instock for it as we had limited pieces but they are all sold out now! so please join in for the preorder to be able to get your hands on one of these lovely anchor bracelets (:

have a good time shopping!


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