12.1.13 / goodnight sweet dreams

today is tuesday.


it is officially two weeks ago since the sailor set sail. it felt really long ago maybe because i’m so used to seeing him everyday. i really miss him so. it was very really good being able to bbm him and talk to him on the phone yesterday because their ship was passing by singapore’s habour so they had reception for that few hours. i miss bbm-ing him. i miss talking to him everyday and telling him how’s my day and what went wrong or well. i’m so bored everyday.. or should i say boring. 

the only thing to keep me strong and going is the few days in a week which i decide to come back to W’s place and have dinner with his family and also spend time with the kids. looking forward to sundays – tuesdays. it also helps me get to school faster with the early morning traffic on mondays and wednesdays. right now, i’m on our bed. sleeping on his pillow is the closest thing i can find.

i spent a very fruitful day today, eating with his niece and nephew, napped with sarah, brought the kids to maccas for an ice cream treat and french fries. but the night creeps in eventually…

tomorrow will be school again. boring whole freaking day in school. then i will head out for dimsum with my best friend and head back to my east home where i get to see my dog for the next 4 days before i repeat the cycle over and over and over again. in 4 weeks, my cycle will be gone because school ends and just nice, my baby is coming home (:

last year was 3 weeks, this year is 6 weeks. for those with their boyfriends studying overseas, yea, the wait is horrible… i totally understand. but maybe i can say i feel shittier when my boyfriend is uncontactable. i can’t skype him, can’t see him, can’t text him, can’t call him. can’t hear shit. can’t communicate. can i feel 10x worst? well, on one same note is we have nobody to hug or kiss goodnight or cry on their shoulder. that one is bad too.

25 more days. i hope i get numbed by then. i hate the wait.



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