yayyyayyyippeee yayyyy!

so recently i’ve been home almost everyday if i’ve no school… what do i do at home? well, you can say nothing. watch tv, movies and so on but i thought that would be a real waste of time and it is boring after awhile so i wanted to do smth fruitful and worth my time. and besides, i’ve been trying to do more “make-it-count” eventful things in my life…….. SO! i’m finally done working on my ‘big secret’.



YAYYYY!! it’s finally done and i got my own domain and my site is designed and completed and i’m so happy and proud to say i did it all by myself. aiya, it was v tiring. once i did everything and i forgot to save and shut my computer – @#$%^&*&%$@$% OHMAHHHGAWDDD. i wanted to kill myself. i spent hours man…. and my eyesight i think deteriorated over this 2 weeks working on this.

so yeap, i hope you guys can support me by liking ShopJellybeenie‘s facebook page and also, do share our page with your friends or on your facebook timeline! i’ll really appreciate and be so grateful for all the support and lurveeee xx


more clothes and apparels and accessories to come! oh, coming right up are guys collection!

and we are working on better shipping/airflight deals to provide you cheaper price for your quality items. hehe. be excitedddd!


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